Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Elvis makes list of The 50 Most Stylish Men Of The Past 50 Years

Elvis was named by GQ magazine as one of the 50 most stylish men of the past 50 years. Here is what was wrote in GQ magazine.
"Elvis may have been more about bling and booze in his later years, but early on - according to Bernard Lansky, self-proclaimed clothier to the King - his style was always “clean as Ajax.” A hard thing to pull off as a muddy Mississippi white boy who popularized a defiantly black way of dressing; pegged pants, hi-boy collars, immaculate hair, and the plaid jacket that Lansky tailored for Elvis’s star-turning appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. The King set the sartorial tone for Jerry Lee Lewis and a host of other Memphis rock ’n’ roll legends, all of whom made Lansky’s men’s shop the place to go if you were an up-and-coming musician. And though he may have gone Vegas in later years, Elvis ultimately returned to his roots. “I picked the white linen suit, blue shirt, and white tie he was buried in,” says Lansky, one of the honorary pallbearers at Presley’s funeral. “It was sharp.”"
Alright first of all as great as it is that Elvis was on this list, who the hell wrote this? They obviously don't know much about Elvis. Bling and booze? Ok, Elvis was about some bling, but never booze! Elvis never liked to drink really, and this is just the kind of thing that make me so mad. People who write about Elvis now always seem to just throw stuff out there that they think it right. They never actually do any research if they don't know. Sad thing is that most people that really don't know Elvis might buy into this. Just gives people more to be negative about when talking about Elvis.
Anyway, as far as Elvis and his style of the 50's, he is dead on. One of the first things I really liked about Elvis was his clothing style of the 50's. It was different yet so cool to me. The oversize pegged pants, the oversize jackets, and colors. The white shoes also always appealed to me. Lansky's was the place to shop back in the 50's after Elvis blew up. They still are the place to shop and I try to buy something every time I go to Memphis. Mr. Lanksy is super cool and it is a must to go speak with him when you are in town.

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Keith said...

That's cool to see Elvis on the list. He definitely deserves to be there.