Monday, December 15, 2008


Elvis takes time to sign some autographs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Tonight I am going to talk about the TV Special that came on last year called Elvis Viva Las Vegas. The show was to focus on Elvis in Las Vegas. Elvis' friend would talk about being there and such while some of today's stars performed some Elvis tunes. Man, nothing gets me more excited than listening to someone kill and Elvis classic! Anyway lets start with the documentary side of the show. It was alright but nothing special. To any real Elvis fan it was nothing new with no new insight. They only touched the surface of the history that city and Elvis shared. Basically it was Elvis was out of the loop in the 60's, Elvis came back in Vegas, Elvis was the biggest thing in Vegas up to that time, Elvis went downhill, Elvis got caught up in drugs. Blah, blah, blah, same old shit man. I guess for the casual fan or someone who doesn't really know Elvis and his time in Vegas it would be somewhat informative. To me it was nonsense and there was so much more that could have been talked about. The usual suspects were on there from the Elvis circle talking. Joe, GK, and Jerry Schelling. The only Elvis buddies still in the good graces of EPE. Of course Priscilla was on there. Tom Jones actually spoke some on the show. That was interesting for the simple fact I have not seen Tom speak about Elvis and the time they shared in Vegas. Really though he just said we sang in his penthouse to late in the night. Not much more than that. I have never been big on Tom Jones or his music. Just never struck me and I have not been able to see the appeal in it even though many people think he is great. Some other people speak on Elvis and his impact such as 5o Cent, Beyonce, and Dewayne Johnson. That was cool I guess. I liked seeing The Rock speak on Elvis because I know he is a really big fan.
Now for the performances. I am not going to go into detail about every performance. I just didn't like many of them. Though I can't take many people singing any Elvis songs. Some though were just really bad. Maranda Lambert singing Jailhouse Rock was awful! I am sorry, I am sure some people find her talented but she need to leave one of the greatest rock songs ever alone! Instead of the raw out of control feel that the original offers, this has a sloppy somewhat country/pop about it. Though some of the songs I did like a lot. Chris Isaak and Brandi Carlile did a version of Don't Be Cruel that was pretty good. I think Chris Isaak is great and the song had a real good feel about it. Also The Little Willies with Norah Jones did a version of Love Me. Now if anyone else to ever walk the earth had been singing this song I would have been freaking out. Love Me is one of my favorite songs ever. Though Norah Jones is one of my top three favorite artist ever and she did a great job on this song. It was wonderful and it is a version I listen to quite often. Elvis' version is still a lot better, but she puts a great spin on it and it is very enjoyable. Now the only other song on the show that I liked might surprise some. It was In The Ghetto with Three 6 Mafia. It was actually a rap song they did with a nice beat from In The Ghetto that used Elvis' voice in the chorus. I am not a big fan of rap but I do like a few groups and artist a lot. I have been down with Three 6 Mafia since high school. They are from Memphis and some of the baddest producers/rappers ever! I would much rather hear a rap song with Elvis singing the line "In The Ghetto" then hear some hack butcher the real song.
So overall I do not rate this very high but it was worth buying for me just for the three performance's mentioned above which I loved. The information contained on here is alright but if you see it keep in mind a lot of interesting stuff has been left out and it would be worth researching.

Check out Chris and Brandi singing Don't Be Cruel

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I am finally getting around to watching my DVD of the special that came on awhile back about Elvis and Las Vegas. I watched most of it when it came on TV but I am watching the whole DVD tonight and I will post my thoughts on it in the next day or so.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Viva Las Vegas in Blu Ray is freaking awesome!

I got my copy of Viva Las Vegas on Blue ray today and I am watching. I was wondering if it would be that much better looking but thought it would be worth a try. I am so glad I got it, It looks great! The colors just pop out at you, and Elvis never looked better. That Ann-Margret chick looks pretty damn good as well! The only other Elvis movie offered in the Blue ray format currently is Jailhouse Rock, which I will get pretty soon. I hope they come out with some more. I would love to see Blue Hawaii in this format, it would be stunning.


Elvis and Wanda Jackson. I am guessing this has to be sometime in 1955 by looking at Elvis' hair. The two dated for a short time but it was not serious. They did remain friends and Elvis was found of her singing. She was known at the time as the Queen of Rock and Roll and she sang a lot of rockabilly. One of her biggest his was Let's Have A Party which Elvis recorded for his movie Loving You in 1957. She also had a album come out a few years back where she sang some other songs of Elvis' and even sang about him. I have always liked her and she has spoke well of Elvis.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Off to Atlanta

Vince and I are heading down to Atlanta for the weekend to see the SEC Championship. Vince is a big Bama fan and I live for Florida Gator Football. So it will be an interesting trip but a lot of fun, for one of us at least. If my man Percy shown above can somehow play I will feel a lot better and everything should be ok. See you next week.


Elsa Cárdenas is the doll of the week. She played with Elvis in the 1963 movie Fun In Acapulco, which happens to be on of my favorites. She was fighting with Ursula Andress for Elvis' attention in the movie. She was a very hot lady for sure! In the early sixties she played in some American movies and shows but mostly before and since Fun In Acapulco shes only played in Spanish stuff. It is too bad cause she was a lot of fun to watch her.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

EW concert event announced

The fallowing was found on

“Elvis at the International, a Celebration Concert” reunites many of those who were on stage with Elvis in Las Vegas at the International Hotel" in 1969 for his historic return to live performances.40 years after Elvis Presley triumphantly returned to the stage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. will reunite many of the original cast for an Elvis Week 2009 concert celebration. Live musical performances along with video and audio will create a magical music experience that will be almost as exciting as being there in the summer of 1969.
The concert will be held during Elvis Week 2009 on Friday, August 14 at 8:00 p.m. at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis, TN.
Performers currently scheduled to participate include; Joe Guercio, Elvis’ orchestra conductor for many of his Vegas performances; The TCB Band members James Burton and Glen D Hardin; Elvis’ back up singers The Imperials, including Joe Moscheo, Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus and Gus Gaches, The Sweet Inspirations, including Myrna Smith, Estelle Brown, Portia Griffin, and Millie Kirkham.
Additional vocals will be provided by Terry Mike Jeffrey and Andy Childs.
Other artists will be announced as their appearance is confirmed.
“This will be one of the most unique concerts we have produced,” said Kevin Kern, EPE spokesman. “We have an entire team researching all the elements that went into producing that show so we can create a completely new experience that takes the audience back in time.”
On July 31, 1969, the first night of what would become Elvis’ Las Vegas career opened to an invitation-only, celebrity filled audience. This was only the beginning of what would become a record-breaking run in Las Vegas that shattered all records and created a style of entertainment that is still seen today.

This sounds pretty neat and I will be there for sure. I just wish they would do one more concert with the whole band, Elvis and all. I only got to go to one before, during the 30th anniversary in 07. That was the coolest thing ever! Anyway this is already getting me excited for EW 09.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry for the lack of activity the last week. With my birthday, the holidays, work, and other things I hardly had any time to get on the Internet. I hope to be able to get a few posts on here the next few days before I go out of town.

Monday, November 24, 2008


VEGAS,1969. I am still worn out from the trip to Florida. We drove down slept in the truck, watched the game then drove back home. Got back to Loudon about 3:30 Sunday morning. I am just now getting back to normal. It was a lot of fun though. I have a few good post planned for this week so I will be back tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have not got a chance to be on here due to some very long work days. I am working on landing some new business that could be really big and it was a lot to get done by yesterday. I should be back on here in the next few days. Vince and I are heading to Gainesville to see the Gators play. I have been really into That's The Way It Is disc 2. Here is a video of on of my favorite songs from the DVD.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Tonight I am going to talk about the FTD, The Impossible Dream. This CD contains a concert from Elvis in vegas in Vegas in 1971. I had been wanting this release for a long time and finally got it this past August. I had heard mixed reviews of it but still felt the need to have it. I do not have many live recordings from 71 and needed to hear some. First of all it was clear that by this time Elvis was already tired of the Vegas thing. I already knew that this was the case, but hearing this was just more proof. He has been told to make his shows go by faster, something else that must have pissed him off and in turn effected his shows. This show does not come close to the Vegas stuff from 70 or some of the stuff from the tours in 72. Though some nice things can be found on this recording. It's Now Or Never is heard one here and is one of the first times Elvis sings this in concert in the 70's. I prefer to hear the original studio version any day but it is neat to hear it here live for possibly for the first time. I will have to say the version of The Impossible Dream is freaking awesome. I love this song and Elvis does it beautifully on here. The other songs are fine and I enjoy listening to this CD but it is not Elvis at his best. I wouldn't consider this even close to one of the ten best Elvis shows on CD from the 70's. The songs seem to be rushed but Elvis does seem to be in a good frame of mind and is doing the best he can under the circumstances. This is probably not a release for casual fans but real Elvis fans should enjoy this anyway even if it does not rank up there with On Stage or An Afternoon In The Garden or any other of the great live shows I have been privileged to listen to.

Elvis is number usual

The fallowing was found at Elvis News courtesy of yahoo.

Posted on the Y! Music Playlist Blog by Robert of the Radish is a playlist of the biggest selling singles of all time in the United States. The biggest selling single has sold almost twice as many as its closest competition. In 1997, Elton John released a remake of his classic 1973 song "Candle In The Wind" with new lyrics that paid homage to Diana, Princess of Wales after her untimely death. This single sold over 11 million copies in the United States. An incredible figure. Unfortunately, "Candle In The Wind" is not available for streaming via Rhapsody at this time, so it is not included in the final playlist here.
So what are the runners up to "Candle In The Wind 1997"? Well, only two have broken the 6 million mark ("A Little Less Conversation" by Elvis Presley & "Here Without You" by 3 Doors Down"), and only 12 have cracked the 4 million mark.
Please note that I am speaking only of sales in the USA. Look for future blog posts to reveal top sellers in other countries and worldwide.
A "single" is a song recording that has been marketed for sale as a unit, usually with a second track, or "b-side". For the most part singles also appear on a full-length album and tend to be the track(s) a record company feels have the best chance for massive sales and airplay.
1. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley 2. Here Without You - 3 Doors Down 3. Another One Bites The Dust - Queen 4. Apologize - Timbaland 5. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams 6. Hey Jude - The Beatles* 7. Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley 8. I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston 9. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye 10. Low - Flo Rida 11. Macarena - Los del Rio 12. Ridin' - Chamillionaire 13. We Are The World - USA For Africa** 14. Whoomp There It Is - Tag Team

Elvis pretty much blew everyone out of the water on this list with the exception of Elton John who was not on the list. Elvis was the only artist to be on this list twice. Pretty amazing that the single that did produce 6 million sold was ALLC in 2002, was 25 years after Elvis' death. One single 25 years later sold more than most singers in a lifetime! Elvis' two singles in the top seven came 46 years apart. That's pretty impressive as well. Talk about longevity.Good to see a list where Elvis is getting some credit unlike other list that play with numbers to make certain artist higher up(see Billboards lists) or magazines with their own agenda(see Rolling Stone magazine) who have BS lists of artist or achievements. That's another rant for another day though!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I have been really busy with work this week and been totally consumed with football today. I am going to try to post some stuff tomorrow. I have been listening to a lot of the FTD The Impossible Dream today and think I will try to do a post on my thoughts on it.


Sophia Loren has always been a favorite of mine. She was one of the most stunning ladies ever. She didn't really have a connection with Elvis other than they happened to meet each other once. The picture below was took in February of 1958 at Paramount Studios while Elvis was filming King Creole. According to the people that was present she flipped for Elvis like every other female that ever came in contact with him. The proof is in the picture from that day like the one posted here. Many other pictures exist of them and they are really cool. I really can't get over how damn hot Sophia was.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I finally got Elvis Radio!

I have been wanting Elvis Radio forever! XM radio finally has it available and I am happy. I just like the thought I can always turn to one station and I am guaranteed to like what is on. Even though I could pull my CD case out and listen to any song they play pretty much. The really cool thing is getting to listen to GK and some of the people he has on his show. It is very interesting to hear people who knew and worked with Elvis speak.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Elvis on a train. I am guessing this is 1959, but I am not for sure.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Elvis concluded the work on It Happened At The World's Fair with some publicity stills. It Happened At The Worlds Fair is probably my favorite Elvis movie, and one of my all time favorite movies period. Elvis Character Mike Edwards of course inspired my pen name on here.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am up early this morning watch Paris When It Sizzles. Man I love Audrey Hepburn. Anyway I'm going into work, then leaving out for Nashville at noon. The Gators roll into town to take on Vanderbilt. I'm super excited because Florida can wrap up the SEC East tonight. Anyway I will be back tomorrow night sometime if I don't freeze to death. I will check in then. I plan on listening to a lot of Elvis on the way over. So expect a review from on of my latest FTD's.

Friday, November 7, 2008


Here is another picture of Elvis and Dodie from Easy Come Easy Go. I dunno, just something about her has drove me crazy for the longest time.


The lady in the picture with Elvis is Dodie Marshall. This is from Spinout, she had a few lines at the party. Later she would co star with Elvis in Easy Come, Easy Go. She had a pretty large part in that movie. Anyway, I have always thought she was pretty damn hot, but do not know much about her. I have never seen her in anything else. I am curious to whatever happened to her. Shes smoking and make Easy Come worth watching over and over again.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


It was announced that EW 09 will be from August 8th-August 16th. A few of events have been listed so far, with many more to come. I have been ready for it since I got home this past August. It looks like some of the same great things will be happening and I am looking forward to that. One thing they are doing away is the Elvis Insiders Conference. I am very disappointed in this. EPE says that they feedback had started to get negative on the event. People said they were sick of the current format, the cost, and the long hours it ran. I have enjoyed it a lot the times I have got to go. It was one of the highlights of the last EW for me. The whole point of going to EW is the Vigil and honoring Elvis. I will go every year not matter what because of that. Though if they start killing events I enjoy maybe I need to think about cutting back on going seven or eight days. Hopefully they have the Movies and Music event again. I know they have had some mixed reviews about that as well. I absolutely love that event, and will be highly pissed if it gets done away with. Either way though I can't wait for EW 09. I think I am going to have to make a short trip out there after the first of the year just because I don't think I can wait that long. I need to get to Graceland!

Monday, November 3, 2008


This picture was took at Graceland in 1960. It was the day Elvis returned home for the first time after he got back from Germany. I have seen many pictures before from Elvis in the backyard with his cake, but never this one. It looks as if he is in Graceland. Notice the pictures in the background that fans had made Elvis and sent him in. I notice on of them that I have seen in many books that are in the current archives. Elvis always saved pretty much anything and everything his fans sent him. Graceland still carries on with that tradition for the most part today.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Tonight I am going to talk about the movie Spinout. Elvis would make the movie in 1966 and would be his twenty second movie. Elvis would play the part of Mike McCoy. Mike is a guy who travels around playing gigs with his band. He also happens to race cars. Early in the movie Mike captures the attention of a young lady named Cynthia(Shelly Fabares). Her father Howard who owns a company that has ties in racing immediately tries to talk Mike into singing for his daughter for her birthday. The father also has ideas about Mike driving a car for him. Mike is not interested in either. After the powerful father pulls some strings to get Mike to perform for his daughter, Mike has some words for the Howard. While camping out Mike runs into a lady by the name Diana St. Clair. Diana is a beautiful blond author who is writing a book and wants to use Mike as the subject. The attention of these ladies is starting to bother a member of Mike's group. Les is the girl who plays the drums for Mike who has a thing for him though he does not have a clue. After some mind games from Howard that gets Mike to stay in town, Mike sets up shop out of a home next door to Howard and Cynthia. To get Mikes mind off Diana the guys and Les set up Mike to test drive Howard's car. Mike is impressed with the car. Though after a speech from Howard about Mike being good enough to drive his car, but not win his daughter, Mike tells Howard off. At a party Mike is throwing Howard bumps into Diana who is there scoping Mike out. The two hit it off. In the meantime Les is getting some love from a guy who she meets while in town who is really struck on her. Cynthia still hot for Mike is dealing with Philip, he dads assistant who is madly in love with her. All this is of no interest to Mike. Mike has no plans on settling down and is busy partying it up with the girls at his shindig and have a good time. The race finally comes around and Mike ends up getting his car stole by Philip who is trying to prove to Cynthia he is a man by racing. Mike ends up getting in his Deusenberg and joining the race. After the car was out of gas, Mike talked another racer into letting him have his car if the guy got any winnings Mike earned. Mike of course won the race. Mike then has a decision to make, which lady was her going to merry. Mike made the wise decision. He stayed single and let the other guys get the ladies they were in love with. Mike replaced Les with another hot female drummer and he continued on his way.

In my opinion Spinout is a pretty decent movie. Is is middle of the pack, not his worst by far, but not up there with King Creole or Wild In The Country either. The same could be said for the soundtrack as well. I personally like it a lot, but I love all the movie music for the most part, even the bad songs! The soundtrack does offer a good song or two and a few fun tunes. Like most Elvis soundtracks, the good songs are overlooked because of the awful songs that can be found on them as well. As with all Elvis movies it is loaded with beautiful ladies. Shelly Fabares appears for the second of three times in a movie with Elvis. She is one of my favorite actresses ever. She beautiful and plays her part well. Also with Elvis in this movie is Deborah Walley who plays the part of Les. She was not all that found of Elvis when she signed to make this movie. She did not know that much about him. After getting to know him they dated and would become close friends. Deborah greatly admired Elvis and would end up honoring his memory up until the time she passed away. She was always attending Elvis events during Elvis Week and things of that nature. She was a great lady.

This has been a bad week to try to blog. I have been working long hours and pretty much thinking about nothing outside of the Florida/Georgia game that went down yesterday. Now that Florida has beat the hell out of Georgia I can rest easy.I will be blogging a lot more this week. I did manage to get Spinout in the other night and will do a review last this evening on it. Now I am going to go get ready to watch the race. I will be back tonight.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I just got home from work and for some reason I am really wanting to watch Spinout. I have been thinking about it all day. I seen a few minutes of it on a few days ago and have been meaning to watch it ever since. I will fallow up with a review on it tomorrow. It is been a long time since I took a look at an Elvis movie. See you then.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Always been on of my favorite photographs. From the set of Viva Las Vegas.

Mike't top 5

I have been listening to a lot of the 50's masters box set, disc 3. So all my songs are coming from 1957. I have been stuck on this CD for some time.

1.That's When Your Heartaches Begin
2.Don't Leave Me Now
3.One Night Of Sin
4.(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
5.I Beg Of You

Friday, October 24, 2008


Ann is the doll of the week. She is the best. One of the few ladies I think Elvis ever truly loved. No more blogs until next week. I am off to Florida to see the Gators play. Late

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Elvis with Scotty and Bill.

Mike's Top 5

I did not get to post my top five last night because I have not been able to pull away from Entourage season 4. Anyway here it is.

1.Love Me
2.Playing For Keeps
3.Blue Moon
4.I Can Help
5. Harbor Lights

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have spent some time listening to the duets release. I got pretty much what I expected. Lets start off first with the artist that are on here. It is a pretty good list I guess. Lets be honest, I am not going to favor anyone while they are singing on the same track as Elvis. Some do better than other though on here. Blue Christmas with Martina McBride is the first track, and is probably the one I like the most. It comes closest to somewhat resembling the same song as Elvis did in the 50's. Martina sings pretty well to.I'll Be Home For Christmas by Carrie Underwood and White Christmas by Amy Grant are also alright. Even though I am not a fan of their music, all these ladies can sing pretty well and showcase that on here. Wynonna Judd also sings on Santa Claus Is Back In Town. She does a pretty good job and I really can't say that I was disappointed with hearing her on here. I am actually I fan of hers to some degree and she is a huge Elvis fan. Everyone else on here does an alright job I guess but I wont listen to any of the songs again more than likely. One song really bothered me. That was Marry Christmas Baby with Gretchen Wilson. It is not really because of here because honestly I couldn't even make it to her part. I tried three times and kept pushing the skip button. Song is awful. They new sound is really bad in my opinion and seems to drown out Elvis. This in my opinion is Elvis' best Christmas song. The original had such a nice blues feel and the instrumentals on the track was awesome. My big problem with the whole thing is the new instrumentals on the tracks compaired to the old ones. I am sure a lot of people think the new sounds better. Not to me I think it sounds awful and when it kills the voice of Elvis I have a huge problem with that. Overall I would rate this release 5 on a 1-10 scale. It has some nice vocalist on it and maybe it will gain Elvis some new fans, I don't know. Though the CD has some really bad quality's in this Elvis fans eyes. I for sure will be playing the originals this Christmas.

Track Listing:1. Blue Christmas with Martina McBride2. I'll Be Home For Christmas with Carrie Underwood3. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane) with LeAnn Rimes4. Santa Clause Is Back In Town with Wynonna Judd5. Silent Night with Sara Evans6. White Christmas with Amy Grant7. Merry Christmas Baby with Gretchen Wilson8. O Little Town Of Bethlehem with Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town9. Silver Bells with Anne Murray10. O Come, All Ye Faithful with Olivia Newton-JohnBonus Tracks11. The First Noel (2008) Elvis Presley12. If I Get Home On Christmas Day (2008) Elvis Presley13. Winter Wonderland (2008) Elvis Presley

Also this newest addition to my collection puts my CD count to 145.

Now to put me back in the right frame of mind after listening to this nonsense this weekend, lets listen to the song I was yelling about without the "new and improved" sound and guest on the track.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Elvis Christmas duets.

Last night I was out and picked up the Elvis Christmas duets CD that just came out. If anyone has been reading the blog for anytime they know I was going off about this when I first heard about it. I can't stand the thought of anyone singing with Elvis hardly. Also the rumor of Jessica Simpson being on there lit me up. Not many people can stand side by side with Elvis on a song and hold their own. She has zero talent and would have looked like a fool and butchered a song. Anyway after hearing a few samples I thought I would give it a shot and see what it is all about. I have kinda scanned through it and have mixed feelings on it. Over the weekend I will listen to it all a few times and post a review with my thoughts on it. Fallow the link below to see a video about the making of this album and get some insight from some of the artist on it. It is pretty cool and neat to see these people speak about Elvis.


Carolyn Jones is the doll of the week. She appeared with Elvis in King Creole in 1958. This was Elvis' best movie. Not only was his acting great but the script and cast was top notch. She and Elvis played off each other well. She is probably best known however for her role in The Adams Family TV series.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dont give a damn..

I'm not feeling that great and I am highly agitated at the moment. I am about to go watch Jailhouse Rock though. Vince was one of the coolest characters Elvis played in his movie career. A true bad ass, did not give a damn, and cared only about himself. This short clip is one of my favorites from this great movie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tom Hanks digs Elvis movies!

This is a clip of Tom Hanks on the David Letterman show a long time ago. He talks about Elvis movies and even mentions Clambake!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Our pal Kieth who has many great blogs just started another one called Sugar And Spice. This is going to be great! One of the things I dig the most is beautiful dolls, and he will be all about that! I have a link in my links section. Check it out!


Elvis in Hawaii in March of 1961. Elvis was there to do a benefit show for the memorial for the USS Arizona since they needed money to build it. All the proceeds plus some of Elvis' own cash went towards the project. From what I have seen wrote, the took Elvis' name off the memorial. Someone gave the statement that he was a junkie and it was not good the memorial be attached to Elvis' name. Very sad, Elvis was so proud of this memorial and that he helped make it happen. I have heard this thing is crumbling and about to sink. Let it screw those ungrateful people. Elvis is not around now to save the damn thing! Sorry, I was highly agitated when I first read of that happening and it gets me mad thinking about it.
Also notice Minnie Pearl sitting in the background, she was there to be part of the show as well.

Mike's top 5

My favorite songs of the moment. I am kinda of all over the place this week. I have blaring all styles and eras of Elvis this past week.

1.Love Me
2.You'll Think Of Me
3.Blue Moon
4. Hey, Hey, Hey
5. One Night(Live, TTWII)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Lisa Marie Presley is a mom again. A publicist says the 40-year-old singer gave birth Tuesday to twin girls, whose names were not released. One baby weighed 5 pounds, 15 ounces and the other came in at 5 pounds and 2 ounces. A statement released Saturday says Presley gave birth by Caesarean section. She lives in the Los Angeles area and the publicist says the births took place somewhere on the West Coast but won't provide details. The statement says "babies and mom are happy and healthy and resting at home." Presley is the daughter of Elvis Presley and is married to music producer Michael Lockwood. She has a 19-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son by a previous marriage. (Lisa Marie Presley's World, Source: Amber Smith)


I am going to review one of the FTD's I picked up in August when I was in Memphis. It is a 2 disc live show from December 31 1976 in Pittsburgh PA. The common perception from many people has Elvis had lost it in his later years. While it is true that he did show some odd behavior at times and at other times was not in good health and it affected his show, he still brought it on most nights. These CD's are kinda of rough sounding but it is a historic moment and I am glad to have it. Elvis actually rolled up into Pittsburgh looking pretty good and in good spirits. Elvis has been in bad shape towards the last of 76 and his last Vegas shows were pretty poor from what I have heard. When this concert rolled around he had turned it around, like he always did when he REALLY WANTED TO! As I said the sound it not that great, as it was recorded by a fan in attendance. You still can hear Elvis well, and his voice sound great and he seems to be having a good time. Elvis would sing almost 30 songs over a two hour period and he is good from beginning to end. The first CD has 16 songs on it and a few songs that standout to me are My Way and Trying To Get To You. My Way is done beautifully and Trying To Get To You as a cool vibe to it and it is the best version I can remember hearing from the later tours. The second disc has 17 songs on it. Love Letters is awesome and Elvis' voice is top notch. Hurt is also good, and I enjoy hearing this live. I have always loved this song. Reconsider Baby is also sung, one of my favorite songs Elvis did live. It does not match some of the other live versions from earlier in the decade, but it is pretty good. Also Elvis bust into Rags To Riches at the piano. It is awesome! I have never heard this live before and from what I know it is the only time he done it on stage. Overall I give this FTD very high marks just because of the great show Elvis puts on. it really does show he still could bring it to the stage despite the troubles he was going through and his bad health. Despite the bad sound quality I highly recommend this for any Elvis fan.

Above is footage from the show of Elvis singing Hurt. Just awesome! I wish I could have been there to see it.

Friday, October 10, 2008


I have been playing this song over and over today. I bet I listened to it 20 times! This was recorded in 1969 and is one of my favorite Elvis tunes from the late sixties.


Joan Freeman is the doll of the week. She played with Elvis in the 1964 film Roustabout.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have been gone for a time now. This last weekend my life revolved around football and so far this week I have had a hard time at work and have pretty much crashed when I got home. I have a lot to write about though because I have been going over and over a live concert during the days that I was to review. I also got the DVD of the Vegas special that aired on ABC and I'm going to watch it and review it as well. One of the guys on that DVD is Chris Isaak who is a huge Elvis fan. He is one of the few people I have heard sing one of Elvis' songs and I actually like it. I am a fan of Chris' own stuff as well. This video here I found is of him performing at an Elvis tribute a long time ago singing Blue Moon. Blue Moon has always been one of my favorite songs from the Sun era and Chris does it well. Watch and enjoy! I will be back with more tomorrow hopefully.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Agian

I have not been on here at all this week. I am still highly agitated over last weekends disaster in The Swamp and I have been working like crazy. In the next few days I hope to post a lot on here and hopefully Florida wins this weekend and I get out of my funk. Enjoy this video below of this clip from the last Sullivan appearance. I have been listening to this song a lot the last few days.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Make these idiots go away......

A week or so after some lady came put saying she was Elvis' half sister, and Vernon was her dad, this nut Tim comes back around. I remember this guy and his nonsense from a few years ago. By now you would think these people would realize this crap does not work. Check out his blog, he has one, He looks more like the lovechild of Ricky and Dee Stanly than one of Elvis' kids!


Mike's favorites of the week

Favorite Elvis songs of the moment...
1.Love Me
2.GI Blues
3.All Shook Up
4.Playing For Keeps
5.Blue Moon

Friday, September 26, 2008


Ginger Alden is my doll of the week. She was Elvis' last serious girlfriend. I have mixed feelings for her. Something I have read made me feel a little sorry for her, but same things I have seen has made me mad. Her family sure was crazy as hell and she probably was too. For now that's all I will say. She was very beautiful though.
No more blogs for a few days. I am heading back to Florida to go see my boys play in the swamp. This is my second trip down, and third Florida game in five weeks. This is going to be a lot of fun. See you next week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

30 CD Collection on the way.

This was took from Elvis Unlimited is the source of the info.

Ernst Jorgensen is working on a 30 CD Box Set that will contain all official masters as released during Elvis' life time with another 3 or 4 hours of the most interesting alternate takes, demos, live recordings, home recordings. The set will be USA made and a limited edition to less than 10,000 units.
Ernst Jorgensen : This is a one shot deal. It's coming, it's here, it's gone as Colonel Parker would say. It will be 30 CDs in a very prestigious packaging with a fantastic book with it. USA made limited edition less than 10,000. It's killed me for 15 months now. The work load has been absurd but I could not deny it. I could not deny being a part of that. To me, it is the most astonishing wonderful idea. Here's a whole definition at this time is that it is all official masters as released during Elvis' life time with another 3 or 4 hours (and we have to define that) of the most interesting alternate takes, demos, live recordings, home recordings. There will not be 1 unreleased element on that box because that would be brutally unfair and only encourage bootlegging. You have to want to own that thing. We're not taking you as hostages. But at the same time, it is also a total restoration of every Elvis master with new digital technology.

This for sure will cause a lot of talking amongst Elvis fans. The complaint you always hear is that too much time is spent on shoving the same Elvis material down our throat. Not enough time on the work that's still out there we do not have our hands on or the stuff that needs some updating. This set seems like a good idea to me. Do I really need to get this? Answer is no. I have pretty much stopped getting the general releases of Elvis material since I already have most of it ten times over and I concentrate on the FTD's. Though I will probably will get this if it is within reason because it just sounds like it would be neat to have and I am sure it will sound great. Though I still need to get to buying some FTD's at a fast pace. I was way behind in collecting these great treasures. I need to catch up! I just have to hold myself back and only buy a few times a year because when I do buy them I seem to spend about $150 at a time!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

EW vids and pics

Check out They have some cool pictures and videos of things that went down during EW 08. See what Me, Vince, and all the other wonderful Elvis fans did. The videos are great just stay away from the Elvis tribute artist video, unless you like that kind of junk, uh I mean event. HA HA

Fun In Acapulco

I have always been a big fan of Elvis' movie Fun In Acapulco. It is not one of his better films as far as script or his performance, but it for some reason has always been at the top of my favorites list. This is the first movie and soundtrack of the early 60's I would just consider alright. Though some of the music in my opinion is very fun and enjoyable even if someone that had as much talent as Elvis should have not been singing it. One of my favorite songs from the movie is I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here. Below is a alternate take. It defiantly is a little different then the one released as anyone who has heard this song as much as I have can tell. I still like the original release a little better. Though this version is pretty cool as well. Watch this cool video and listen to this song as you see some cool pictures from the movie as well.

Monday, September 22, 2008


From the movie Spinout. Look at Elvis surrounded by all the beautiful women. I wish I could have been him for a day!

Mike's top 5

1.Love Me
2.All Shook Up
3.Stuck On You
4.Moonlight Swim
5.Blue Hawaii

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Since I got back from EW last month I have not had the time to do any reviews of any of the new FTD's I got. I am hoping get to them all soon. I am going to start out with my favorite one I brought back, Out In Hollywood. I have been wanting this CD for a very long time. It is one of the FTD's that has been discontinued and I was really down I was not able to obtain it. I am a huge fan of the movie music and this is a good CD for the collection. The first night I was in Memphis I was in one of the shops and looked over and saw about five copies of this CD sitting with the others available. I was going nuts! I could not believe they had it. I do not know what they had it, but I was glad they did. I did not see anymore in any of the other shops. So of course I grabbed one up right then. Most of the songs at the time this CD was released had not been put out before. Though I have heard some of these songs before as they came out on other FTD's over the past few years. This has 22 great songs and I love hearing these other takes. The first song on the CD that caught my attention was take 6 of Cross My Heart And Hope To Die. I have heard this before on my Girl Happy FTD but I was still happy to hear it. It has always been on of my favorite movie songs. Take 4 of Lonely Man was pretty key. I do not think I have heard this before. All the songs on here are key, but one really stood out. The vocal overdub of (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care. This is freaking awesome. I have never heard this before and I really dig it. Hearing Elvis' voice while singing all alone with not music just reminded me how great he could sing, but how he could change his style and delivery. This was of course from 1957. It also reminded me how his voice continued to change over the next 20 years. Overall this is a really solid CD in my opinion. If you do not like his movie music or are not into all the recordings overall, it might not be for you. This is not a collection of his best movie music, but it contains some pretty good songs. It has for now made it in my top ten FTD list.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Francine York is the doll of the week. She played a bit part in the movie Tickle Me alongside Elvis.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Elvis and his Stutz Blackhawk's

Our good friend The King Of Cool from over at The Dino Lounge had a cool picture of Dean and his Stutz. That got me thinking about the two at Graceland. They are some cool cars and Elvis was very fond of them. The second picture is the first one Elvis ever owned. It was a prototype that was sent to the US to be used to show around to potential dealers and buyers. Jules Meyers who was a Stutz dealer took the car to show Elvis and he of course had to have one. Jules told Elvis they could make him one but Elvis was having none of it. He wanted the one in his driveway. The guy did not want to get rid of it at first because he was using this one to gain publicity and Frank Sinatra was interested in it as well. Elvis being Elvis charmed the guy into letting him have the car. Elvis was also willing to take some pictures for publicity and let the car be shown at a car show before taking delivery. Frank was not willing to do this. So the guy was glad to let Elvis have the car. Elvis would have it sent George Barris to do some customizing, and then the car was delivered to Vegas for Elvis. A driver for Elvis wrecked it pretty bad in the summer of 71. Elvis has it put in storage after that.
The first picture here is of Elvis' 1973 Stutz. It was for sure his favorite car in the 70's. It is very nice and had golf trimming in the inside and all. It was the car Elvis drove on the final night of his life and a fan snapped the last ever picture of Elvis driving into Graceland in it.Elvis would own a few other Stutz in the 70's but this are the only two in Memphis. Elvis also had a pearl white Stutz that I have seen pictures of. Man that thing is sharp!


The song of the day today on Elvis News is Ain't That Loving You Baby. The original version was a more slow tempo song, but later a fast version was released. After reading some comments on Elvis News it got me to thinking which version I liked the best. I think it has to be faster one. I remember discovering it way back when I first got my 50's Masters box set. I would listen to it over and over. It is a great song either way. Elvis is the 50's is hard to beat.

Slow Version

Fast Version

Monday, September 15, 2008



I am stuck in the 50's this week. My favorite Elvis songs of the moment are...

1.Love Me
2.All Shook Up
3.One Night
4. Too Much
5. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Naked Gun

The Naked Gun movies have always been some of my favorite movies. I loved them as a kid. Of course I was smitten by Cilla, and still am. They are so funny and never get old. I crack up every time I watch them. The second one was my favorite one and I got to watch it for the first time in a long time last weekend. This is my favorite part of the movie. Damn Priscilla was beautiful!


I have been absent from this site this past week for the most part the last week. I have not had a day off work until today and have been working about 13 hours a day. I have been dead every night when I get home and have not even hardly got on the net. I hope this week will be different, but I doubt it. Anyway, now on to the doll of the week. Rose McGowan is the doll of the week. She played the part of Ann-Margret in the 2005 mini series, Elvis. I will not hold that against her! That production was truly the worst thing I have saw relating to Elvis. I have always thought she was pretty hot, so it is too bad I did not even really get to see her role in the movie. I only could stand about half of the first night before getting mad and turning that trash off.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New book coming soon

I just ordered the book "Not So Quiet On The Set: My Life In Movies During Hollywood's Macho Era". It is about Robert E. Relyea who made movies with Elvis, John Wayne, and many other stars. He talks about his time on Jailhouse Rock and Kid Galahad as well as many other movies he was involved in. I am excited to get this book because I want to hear about Jailhouse Rock. When I get it and read it all I will post my thoughts on here.

Monday, September 8, 2008


From the movie Spinout. A cool movie that I have not seen in a long time. I need to watch it soon.

Top 5

My top five favorite Elvis songs of the moment.

1.Love Me
2.I, John
3.Playing For Keeps
4.Young Dreams
5.Way Down

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Audubon Drive

This video was took in 2002 inside a house Elvis once owned in Memphis on Audubon Drive. This was the first house Elvis actually bought. It was his gift to his mom. It is a cool home and was once owned by Mike Freeman and his former wife. Mike is the coolest. He does tours and such of Memphis and Tupelo. Anyway no the house has been sold since. This house has a strong connection to Elvis because this is where he lived from 56-57 when he was taking over the world of entertainment. The inside for the most part is like it was when Elvis lived there. Many of the things in the house are things from the 50's similar to what Elvis had in the house. The glass trophy case if you notice is one of the many things Elvis had done when he moved into the house. He also added a pool in the back that never worked right when he was there. It was there until a short time ago when it was tore up and filled in by the people that bought it. A producer out of Nashville bought the house and has had done work to it and was going to donate it to a college to run a musical education class out of it or something. It almost got into the hands of some psychic and I was not comfortable about that. I did not go by the house this year but I was our there in 07 and it looked great and work was still being done on the outside. Anyway check this video out and hear Wink Martindale as he interviews Elvis in the 1950's. This is pretty cool.

Eagle's Nest or not?

For years now I have thought the above building was the site of the what was once known as
The Eagle's Nest. The Eagle's Nest was a a nightclub in the 50's that mostly middle class white folks came to to enjoy drinking and country and western music. Elvis, Scotty, and Bill performed there many times in 1954. The Eagle's Nest was part of a two story building that had a dance floor on the second floor where people would dance and such and live acts would perform from time to time. The first floor housed a 24 hour restaurant, the only one in Memphis at the time. It also has dressing rooms for the pool that sat outside. The place sounds so damn cool. Just once more reason to wish I was a teenager in Memphis in the early 50's. Anyway for years now I had saw in several books that this was the site on the Eagle's Nest and some even said this was the actual building. So for a while I thought it was. A few years ago I had heard things saying that this was not the actual building and the old site had been torn down and very long time ago. Some said it was at this site, and some said it was across the street. The building in the picture shown above that was last know as the Americana is on the corner of Lamar and Winchester. On Scotty Moore's website they have some information on this and his thoughts on where the old place once stood. I really do not know what to think about this because I have heard about twenty different stories on this but it stands to reason that the old building in the picture above was not the old club. Sad, because I feel that one more of the significant places in Elvis history and Memphis is gone. The few places that stand to this day I love to visit because I feel like I am getting to see and know a little of the real Elvis at 19 and 20 and how it was like for him back then. Anyway be sure to check out Scotty's site to see more on this and some great rare picture from the Eagle's Nest.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Cybill Shepherd is our doll of the week. She is from the great city of Memphis and of course dated Elvis for a short time. I have always thought she was crazy as hell but she was pretty hot back in her day. Not so much now though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Too little time

Sorry I have not been around this week. It has been crazy at work to say the least. I have been working some long days. I am hoping to catch back up this weekend.

Monday, September 1, 2008


From Roustabout

Mike's top 5

I have not been around in a few days because I had been in Florida this past weekend watching football. I am going to hopefully get caught back up on the blog this week if work allows it. I have a ton of FTD's I want to talk about that I had got in Memphis. Now to my favorite Elvis songs of the moment.

1.Love Me
2.Moonlight Swim
3.Wolf Call
4.As Long As I Have You
5.Promised Land

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Graceland DVD delivers

I am going to talk a little about the new DVD, Elvis Presley's Graceland. This DVD has been a long time coming. It was worth the wait. It is one of the best buys I have made in a long time. It is a two disc special that is great from beginning to end. Disc one is really about Graceland and its history. Elvis' career is documented throughout the production. It is a great look at the house as it is presented currently. Also, what got me real excited was some of the pictures and footage I had never seen before. I have always wanted to step back in time and see Graceland how it was in 57 or 62 in those years. Some pictures are shown to give you an idea and that was the best part of this whole thing for me. Disc two is full of extra footage that is great. You get a sneak peak into the archives. I have seen most of the stuff they show but it was cool to see and another chance to actually see into the places where the house all this stuff from Elvis' life. It is really cool that they have so much stuff connected with Elvis. It was a good thing that the Presley's and Tom Parker kept everything! Now us fans can enjoy it today and get a better understanding of all things Elvis. There are some home movies seen here of Elvis messing around at Graceland on horses and such. Some of the footage has been seen many many times in documentaries and such, but this is the first time most have been seen in there entirety. The coolest thing on this disc is the footage from Graceland in 58. It is when it is covered in snow. A small part of it has also been shown in many things before but the full fourteen or so minutes are shown here. Elvis was off filming King Creole at the time and he wanted to see Graceland in the snow so he has the film made. You get to see much of the property and many of Elvis' cars. It is neat to see the back of the house when the garages were still there, and there was no den added on yet. You can see the back and what it was like. You also get to see how this was really an isolated spot and how nothing was built up around it really. Then see the home movies from 68 where Elvis is out front, and all kinds of stuff is around. I really can't say enough for this DVD, it is terrific. I am glad I have it so I can watch it on a regular biases and not miss Graceland as much. Also it is worth noting this was the last project finished by Todd Morgan. Man he did great work, and he is missed in so many ways. Not hearing him at Elvis Week this year was so upsetting. It is not the same without him.

Monday, August 25, 2008

EW pictures

I took so many picture this year I had to share a few more. The picture above is the Overton Shell Park. I can't explain the feeling I got sitting there looking at this place. Knowing Elvis took this stage at 19 and tore the place down. I am so happy they are doing something with this place so people can enjoy the property in the future.
This old building was the Hotel Chisca. It is close to 100 years old. It was a very nice hotel in its day, though not on par with the Peabody or some of the other fine Memphis hotels. It is connected with Elvis. Dewey Phillips broadcast his "Red, Hot, and Blue" show form here. It is here where he first played Elvis' first record in the summer of 54. He also would interview Elvis here. Elvis visited this place many times. This building is sitting and just going to waste at the moment. Many plans have been batted around for this place but none of them have gained any life that I know of yet. I really wish they would do something with this. More and more places in Memphis that hold significant history for Elvis fans is going to waste. It makes me sad. Vince and I took this picture because we were kind of poking fun of this large crowd taking pictures of all this odd stuff. So I stopped by the first thing and was like, take a picture! I felt the need to post this to show off the shirt. It is the one Mr. Lansky talked me into buying. It is awesome, it is stylish and comfortable. I have the same one that is pink, with the collar black.

This is the crowd at the crossing the night before we left. I miss it so much. As much as I can;t stand SOME of the people performing, I miss the atmosphere. A big mess of Elvis fans enjoying each other and the work of Elvis Presley, awesome.


From the movie Charro. I have not got to see this movie in a few months. It is pretty underrated film in my opinion.

Mike's top 5

My favorite Elvis songs of the moment

1.Love Me
2.All Shook Up
3.Frankie and Johnny
4.One Night
5.Shake A Hand

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More EW pictures

This is some furniture that was in the den at Graceland before Elvis put all the Polynesian style pieces in there.
This was from the night of the vigil. Chris Drummond does something like this every years on the street. He is awesome and he can sing great as well. He is on of my favorite people to see during Elvis Week.
Vince with some guy who was wondering around on Elvis Presley Boulevard the night of the vigil. I have seen him every August for several years now during EW.
This is the Zippin Pippin the oldest wooden coaster in America. It was Elvis' favorite ride and sits at the fairgrounds In Memphis. Liberty Land closed in 2005 and the coaster has not been used since. It is up in the air as what will happen but hopefully something will be done with it and it will be used again.

Liberty Land has been closed and I am very upset I did not get to go when I had the chance some years back. The Mid South Fair has been held on this site for a long time and Elvis frequented it many times. When Liberty Land opened on this site Elvis was known to rent the whole park out many times for himself and his friends in the middle of the night. I am glad I finally found time to go visit the grounds.