Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sound Advice

I am still in a serious Elvis movie marathon. I watched Blue Hawaii about 6 times, Girl Happy a few times yesterday. Today is has been Fallow That Dream and Spinout a few times each. I am hoping to get to do a review on Fallow That Dream tomorrow. Until then enjoy the song below from Fallow That Dream.


Keith said...

If you were to set up a film festival of Elvis movies, which ones would you pick?

Mike Edwards said...

Man that's hard, but If I had to make suggestions for someone I would say for or five good ones would be... King Creole, Loving You, Wild In The Country, Fallow That Dream, and Blue Hawaii. You get some of his best scripts/performances, and a mix of comedy, some serious roles, and the classics. Of course its hard to leave out Jailhouse Rock and Viva, which are his two most poplur and well done movies!

Keith said...

Thanks Mike. I appreciate it. I've always wondered which Elvis movies his fans would recommend the most to someone to see.