Monday, October 13, 2008


Elvis in Hawaii in March of 1961. Elvis was there to do a benefit show for the memorial for the USS Arizona since they needed money to build it. All the proceeds plus some of Elvis' own cash went towards the project. From what I have seen wrote, the took Elvis' name off the memorial. Someone gave the statement that he was a junkie and it was not good the memorial be attached to Elvis' name. Very sad, Elvis was so proud of this memorial and that he helped make it happen. I have heard this thing is crumbling and about to sink. Let it screw those ungrateful people. Elvis is not around now to save the damn thing! Sorry, I was highly agitated when I first read of that happening and it gets me mad thinking about it.
Also notice Minnie Pearl sitting in the background, she was there to be part of the show as well.

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Keith said...

That's a cool pic. I agree with you. It deserves what is happening to it. No matter what personal flaws he had (and who doesn't have any - we all do), he did a great service to them. It's a shame that his legacy there was tarnished like it was.