Friday, July 4, 2008


Debra Paget is our doll of the week. She appeared in Elvis' first movie, Love Me Tender. Elvis had a crush on Debra and I do not blame him! I have always thought she was pretty damn hot myself. Despite Elvis having a thing for her it was never serious between the two as she was heavily involved with someone else at the time. They were close friends during the movie and she went into detail of their friend ship back in the 50's in a magazine. I have got a copy of it around here someplace. She and her mom loved Elvis and though highly of him. She never really did that that great of a acting career but made several films. She did however appear in one of the most successful and popular movies of all time, The Ten Commandments. Another film she made that you might now know about was a German film. I honestly can't remember the name off the top of my head but here is a clip from it. It is key, she was so freaking hot. The snake as well is cracking me up, even though it is as fake as hell.

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