Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have not done anything on any Elvis movies in a long time and feel it is time to post some thoughts and facts about one. I have been watching a lot more Elvis movies than usual the last week or so. Tonight I am going to talk about one of my favorites, Fun In Acapulco. In January of 1963 Elvis would arrive in Hollywood to start filming. The movie was set in Mexico but Elvis filmed all his shots in Hollywood. Another crew went to Mexico to film some of the background shots used in the film. Elvis plays the part of Mike Windgren who is in Mexico working on a boat as a deck hand of sorts. He was part of a circus act with his family and had been involved in an accident that left him shook up pretty bad. He ends up getting fired from his job as a deckhand and is stuck in Mexico. He becomes friends with a young boy names Raoul. Together they work to find Mike work. Mike ends up becoming a lifeguard by day and a entertainer by night. Along the way Mike is of course involved with the ladies. He has two after him. One of them is Dolores, a lady bullfighter. The other is Marguerita, who is played by the beautiful Ursual Andress. Mike is also working on his fear of height's. In the end Mike takes care of this fear by jumping 136 feet off a cliff into water. In the end everything works out, Mike ends up with the girl he wants Margaurita, and along with Raoul they head back to America.

Fun In Acapulco is not the best movie Elvis made, but certainly not the worst. For some reason it has always ranked high with me for as long as I can remember. I think the supporting cast has something to do with it. Larry Domasin plays Raoul Almeido the young boy Elvis befriends. He cracks me up and he plays the part really well. Elsa Cardenas plays the part of Doloras. She is smoking hot and I would love to see more things with here in it even if I can't make out most of what she is saying hardly. Morano, who plays Mike's rival for Margurita's affection, is played by Alejandro Rey who is a good actor. Along with Elvis being pretty good in the movie and a few tunes I really like this movie probably ranks in my top ten or twelve favorite Elvis movies ever.

The soundtrack is either hit or miss for me, but overall I still dig it. See the review I did for the Fun In Acapulco FTD if you have not already. The movie would open on November 27th and by the end of 1963 would do 1.5 Million and reach number 33 for the top grossing films of 1963. That number might not seem that great but considering it was released at the end of November, that is a pretty good number. A few Elvis films from the early 60's got released late in the year and the numbers did not look as good as they actually were. Interesting note that the working titles for the movie had been Holiday In Acapulco and Vacation In Acapulco. I do not think either work as well as Fun In Acapulco.

Below is a video of my favorite number of the film. It is key and Elvis is in top form in this clip. The suit rocks as well, he was still wearing some key clothes in his movies at this point.

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