Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dale Earnhardt and Elvis to be on race car together

It has been announced that later this month a #3 race car will be introduced with Dale Earnhardt and Elvis both on it. It is part of the "Enduring Legends" series that has saw Earnhardt share a car before with Johnny Cash and John Wayne. The car with Elvis will be unveiled in Las Vegas where it will be in display through the Vegas race. At the first of March the car will be sent to Graceland to be displayed in the automobile museum where it will stay until April. Then the car will be sent to the home office of DEI for display. Collectible editions of this car will be available for purchase. I am very excited about this because I am a huge fan of the Earnhardt's and they are big fans of Elvis'. Dale Jr often speaks of his love for Elvis. It is going to be neat to see this car, hopefully I can make it out to Memphis to see the car in person. I will for sure be getting on the the collectible reproductions to put along with my Budweiser #8 Elvis themed car Dale Jr drove a few years ago.

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Keith said...

That sounds awesome!