Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I ran across this live version of Such A Night the other day. It was one of my favorite songs off the Elvis Is Back album. It is not a song Elvis would sing live later on when he returned to the stage. This version if from the 1961 concert in Hawaii to benefit the Pearl Harbour site. I would love to have this entire concert on cd because I would say it was a pretty good one. It was one of the few times Elvis performed live in the early sixties. I know one thing, he still was as good as he was in 58 when he left. Hopefully one day FTD will give this show some work and put it out.


Keith said...

So how long did Elvis go without performing on stage? Why did he?

Rocker said...

RCA released the complete show on the 8-LP-Box-Set "Elvis Aron Presley" in the early 80's. Also referred to as the "Silver-Box".
Ernst Jorgensen re-released the Silver-Box in 1998 as a 4-CD-Set.

So maybe there's still a chance to get it. ;)

Mike Edwards said...

Keith, Elvis would have a few shows in early 61 and would not perform live again until 68 during the now famous NBC special he did. His first concert back would be in 69. Parker thought at one time that they didn't need to perform or cut new records. The movies would keep Elvis on top and make them plenty of money. While they did make Elvis a ton of money, Elvis became irrelevant musically because after a few years the quality of songs in his movies began to decline.

Mike Edwards said...

Rocker, I have been trying to get my hands on that set for a long time now but have not been successful yet. I knew it was on it, but had pretty much gave up on getting it.