Monday, February 23, 2009

Jailhouse Rock: Black and White or Color?

I'm a huge fan of Jailhouse Rock (obviously with my pen name) because it shows the raw Elvis of the 50's in a badass sort of way. To me, Jailhouse Rock was never meant to be seen in color even though you can see it that way. It takes away the rawness of the movie and just looks very unnatural to me. This past Elvis Week was awesome because I got to watch Jailhouse Rock on the front lawn of Graceland at the Music and Movies event. Sadly, they wont be doing that this year. Another thing that I love about the move is the awesome soundtrack with my favorite song being "Young and Beautiful." What's sad about the whole thing is three days after completing the film, Elvis' co-star Judy Tyler was killed in an automobile accident which prevented Elvis watching the movie because they were close friends. On a lighter note, the movie has one of the most famous dancing scenes in history and is sometimes credited to be the first music video and that is of course the sequence of "Jailhouse Rock". Little do people know that the choreographer for the movie, Alex Romero, originally created a dance in a style that was geared for a more classically trained dancer than Elvis. After Romero saw that it wasn't going to work for the song, he asked Elvis how would he normally move to the song thus creating Elvis as an uncredited choreographer for the film. Flippy.... real flippy

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