Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hey world you've gotta know

I am going to jabber about the great movies Elvis made from time to time. My boy Vince will chime in as well on them as he feels the need. I have to start with one of my all time favorites and the movie that inspired this blogs name. CLAMBAKE! This movie is one of my favorites for some reason but I couldn't tell you why. The script is not that great. The music is not that much better either. You can tell by watching it Elvis had lost all interest in the crap he was being given. With all that I still love this movie. The big part is Elvis of course. I am a fan of most everything he did and enjoy it all. Shelly Fabares is one of my all time favorite leading lady's of Elvis films. This was like the second Elvis movie I ever owned. I have seen it probably over 500 times. I still laugh every time I see it. The song You Don't Know Me is pretty good. Hey, Hey, Hey and How Can You Lose What You Never Had all two of my favorite songs from this movie as well.

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