Friday, December 28, 2007

Memphis bound

I am off to Memphis tomorrow with some friends. I plan on doing the important things like seeing Graceland and such. Also I am anxious to get sick off a lot of food and spend more money than I have on Elvis related items. I plan on spending New Years on Beale, so lets hope I get back alive. I plan on posting when I am out there. In case I don't for some reason, I trust Vince will post a lot of extra nonsense on here to cover me. I have to run now and try my best to pack while jamming out to 60's masters disc 3.


Vince Everett said...

Dude, when you are on Beale St. you should bust out into "Little Egypt" or "Polk Salad Annie"

Mike Edwards said...

MikeMore like Crawfish or A House Of Sand

Vince Everett said...

Petunia The Gardener's Daughter or From a Jack To A King would work