Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome To My World

This past August was the first time I ever got to visit Memphis and go thru Graceland. I must start off by saying that it was probably the best trip and/or experience of my life to date. I was off to Memphis for ELVIS WEEK 07, which was also the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. Lets go back in time a bit before I go into detail about my trip. I have always been an Elvis fan since I was young but I was limited to what songs he sang. I only had the 30 Greatest Hits album and a couple of live concerts on cd. None of my friends knew that I was an Elvis fan because I was afraid I would get laughed at (now I dont give a damn what people think) but when I started working with Mike Edwards, I was opened up to a new world of Elvis, the gates of Graceland opened up for me so to speak. I heard songs I never knew he sang and watched some of his concerts and movies on dvd and was like damn where the hell have I been. I have to give all the credit to Mike in growing into the Elvis fan that I am today and I think he can even tell you that i've blossomed quite a bit since a couple years ago. Anyway back to the trip, we woke up damn near 2:30am and headed out to Memphis, which by the way is about an 6-8hr drive from the town we live in. We made a couple stops on the way like to Wal-mart in Crossville and giggled at some of the Elvis movies that had just been re-released on dvd. After downing a couple of Red Bulls that I had bought just outside of Nashville I was getting excited because we just went thru Nashville and started seeing the Memphis signs. I had never been past Nashville and I was a nervous wreck jacked up on Red Bull. So we reach the outskirts of Memphis and Mike calls me and says "Dude, when you see the Shelby Co. sign pop in Walk A Mile In My Shoes" At that point I was pumped, we made it to Memphis and found our hotel just on the Missippii/Tennessee line. We decided to go down to Graceland and when he pointed it out to me, I had a huge feeling go thru me that was indescribable. I was actually looking at Elvis Presley's home.........(to be continued)

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Mike Edwards said...

I am glad I was able to open your eyes. It only gets better, we still got a ways to go. I mean you have not even had the pleasure of watching It Happened At The Worlds Fair or Wild In The Country. LOL