Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Did It My Way (Welcome To My World Pt 2)

So here I am seeing Graceland for the first time which is awesome, as we walk down the road there are Elvis shops EVERYWHERE. First thing we did was walk into a shop where Mike saw a picture he has wanted for a long time so I had to stand guard at the picture to keep anyone from getting it until he had a worker ring it up. In a nutshell I went hogwild buying T Shirts. The next day we went and visited Sun Studios which was really cool and pretty much took a tour of Memphis and saw places like Elvis' Highschool, his home on Audobon Dr. and I even met his clothing designer Benard Lansky. Monday, which was the third day, was the best of all. We spent pretty much all day at Graceland starting with the tour through the house which was incredible and touring his jets and car museum. Later on that day, we were in the first crowd ever to sit in Elvis's yard for Music and Movies at Graceland, we saw Dale Jr, rocked out to The Dempseys, and got a pile going watching Viva Las Vegas. The atmosphere was electric and awesome. Sadly I had to leave Tuesday which was heartbreaking but I left feeling good because I ahd actually gotten to see Graceland. As I left I popped in "My Way" and "American Trilogy" it made the drive sad but I know Ill have something to look forward to in August 08 when Ill (hopefully) experience my first candlelight vigil!!!

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