Sunday, December 30, 2007

Memphis day 2-Graceland

Today I went to Graceland. It was my eleventh time touring the home, but it was as cool as ever. It never gets old, It feels like your going home. Since it is Christmas time it is done up in the red and all the decoration's are still up. One cool thing is that I finally remembered to go in the Chrome Grill and see the 57 Harley. I really enjoyed that. I did not do much shopping. I will take care of that the last day. Too much I want, I have to narrow down my list. I did go ahead and pick up some FTD's. I got the Girls!Girls!Girls! soundtrack, The Jungle Room Sessions, In A Private Moment, and Long Lonely Highway. I will listen to them and have my reviews for them soon. I did not do much the rest of the day but chill so nothing else really exciting to report. We went out to Ruth's Chris steakhouse tonight which was key. It is my favorite restaurant. On the way back we stopped back by Graceland to take some pics of the lights. I forgot to get a few shots I wanted so I guess I will have to go tomorrow. Also tomorrow we are going to make our way to Tupelo. It will be fun. I will be sure to share some of the details. Until then HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY

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