Monday, December 31, 2007

Memphis day 3-Tupelo

Today we took off to Tupelo to see Elvis' birthplace. I am ashamed to say I had never been. Something always gets in my way when I usually come to Memphis. We went down there and kinda took the long way so It took forever to get down there. It was worth it. It was one of the best things ever. Seeing the room Elvis was born in was really cool. On the way in to town we passed Tupelo Hardware where Elvis got his first guitar from. I did not get to see any other places when I was in town. I had friends with me and did not want to bore them with me spending hours looking at all the things I wanted to see. I plan on coming back in the spring time anyway. I was definitely glad we made the trip.Other then that we have not done all that much. Tomorrow we plane on doing some looking around here in Memphis in the afternoon.

Top 5 of the week

My top five Elvis songs for the week.

1. All Shook Up(original studio version)
2.Love Me
3.Baby Lets Play House
4.Tryin To Get To You(original studio version)
5.I Was The One

Elvis: On Stage review

Elvis On Stage is a very good live album. Being a huge fan of his live concert albums, this has to be my second favorite concert record behind "That's The Way It Is". He sanga good lineup of songs in cluding covers such as "Sweet Caroline" , "Runaway" and "Proud Mary". Recorded in Febuary of 1970, he still had the kick and drive that made him put on a hell of a show. Other songs include 'Polk Salad Annie" "Don't Cry Daddy" "I Can't Stop Loving You" and one of my favorite songs live "Suspicious Minds". This is a must have for anyone that collects live album. If I don't get to post again tonight, Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Memphis day 2-Graceland

Today I went to Graceland. It was my eleventh time touring the home, but it was as cool as ever. It never gets old, It feels like your going home. Since it is Christmas time it is done up in the red and all the decoration's are still up. One cool thing is that I finally remembered to go in the Chrome Grill and see the 57 Harley. I really enjoyed that. I did not do much shopping. I will take care of that the last day. Too much I want, I have to narrow down my list. I did go ahead and pick up some FTD's. I got the Girls!Girls!Girls! soundtrack, The Jungle Room Sessions, In A Private Moment, and Long Lonely Highway. I will listen to them and have my reviews for them soon. I did not do much the rest of the day but chill so nothing else really exciting to report. We went out to Ruth's Chris steakhouse tonight which was key. It is my favorite restaurant. On the way back we stopped back by Graceland to take some pics of the lights. I forgot to get a few shots I wanted so I guess I will have to go tomorrow. Also tomorrow we are going to make our way to Tupelo. It will be fun. I will be sure to share some of the details. Until then HAVE A HAPPY HAPPY

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Did It My Way (Welcome To My World Pt 2)

So here I am seeing Graceland for the first time which is awesome, as we walk down the road there are Elvis shops EVERYWHERE. First thing we did was walk into a shop where Mike saw a picture he has wanted for a long time so I had to stand guard at the picture to keep anyone from getting it until he had a worker ring it up. In a nutshell I went hogwild buying T Shirts. The next day we went and visited Sun Studios which was really cool and pretty much took a tour of Memphis and saw places like Elvis' Highschool, his home on Audobon Dr. and I even met his clothing designer Benard Lansky. Monday, which was the third day, was the best of all. We spent pretty much all day at Graceland starting with the tour through the house which was incredible and touring his jets and car museum. Later on that day, we were in the first crowd ever to sit in Elvis's yard for Music and Movies at Graceland, we saw Dale Jr, rocked out to The Dempseys, and got a pile going watching Viva Las Vegas. The atmosphere was electric and awesome. Sadly I had to leave Tuesday which was heartbreaking but I left feeling good because I ahd actually gotten to see Graceland. As I left I popped in "My Way" and "American Trilogy" it made the drive sad but I know Ill have something to look forward to in August 08 when Ill (hopefully) experience my first candlelight vigil!!!

Back In The M Town

I am finally back in Memphis. Actually I am lodging in Mississippi but I am very close to South Memphis so It Is all good. It feels good to be back, it has been too long! I could not wait until next August. I have traveled much of the day so nothing exciting to report really. Just got sick off some awful food from Outback so I probably wont do much the rest of the night. I am touring Graceland in the morning so I will have more to report then. I am off to watch my Gators play some ball. Vince where you at boy? I waiting on your next post.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome To My World

This past August was the first time I ever got to visit Memphis and go thru Graceland. I must start off by saying that it was probably the best trip and/or experience of my life to date. I was off to Memphis for ELVIS WEEK 07, which was also the 30th anniversary of Elvis' death. Lets go back in time a bit before I go into detail about my trip. I have always been an Elvis fan since I was young but I was limited to what songs he sang. I only had the 30 Greatest Hits album and a couple of live concerts on cd. None of my friends knew that I was an Elvis fan because I was afraid I would get laughed at (now I dont give a damn what people think) but when I started working with Mike Edwards, I was opened up to a new world of Elvis, the gates of Graceland opened up for me so to speak. I heard songs I never knew he sang and watched some of his concerts and movies on dvd and was like damn where the hell have I been. I have to give all the credit to Mike in growing into the Elvis fan that I am today and I think he can even tell you that i've blossomed quite a bit since a couple years ago. Anyway back to the trip, we woke up damn near 2:30am and headed out to Memphis, which by the way is about an 6-8hr drive from the town we live in. We made a couple stops on the way like to Wal-mart in Crossville and giggled at some of the Elvis movies that had just been re-released on dvd. After downing a couple of Red Bulls that I had bought just outside of Nashville I was getting excited because we just went thru Nashville and started seeing the Memphis signs. I had never been past Nashville and I was a nervous wreck jacked up on Red Bull. So we reach the outskirts of Memphis and Mike calls me and says "Dude, when you see the Shelby Co. sign pop in Walk A Mile In My Shoes" At that point I was pumped, we made it to Memphis and found our hotel just on the Missippii/Tennessee line. We decided to go down to Graceland and when he pointed it out to me, I had a huge feeling go thru me that was indescribable. I was actually looking at Elvis Presley's home.........(to be continued)

Memphis bound

I am off to Memphis tomorrow with some friends. I plan on doing the important things like seeing Graceland and such. Also I am anxious to get sick off a lot of food and spend more money than I have on Elvis related items. I plan on spending New Years on Beale, so lets hope I get back alive. I plan on posting when I am out there. In case I don't for some reason, I trust Vince will post a lot of extra nonsense on here to cover me. I have to run now and try my best to pack while jamming out to 60's masters disc 3.

Cross My Heart Hope To Die

Mary Ann Mobley appeared in Harum Scarum and Girl Happy. That is reason enough to rank these two of the best movies ever! The former Miss America was and still is simply amazing. Please do not disturb as I am off to enjoy Girl Happy and the beautiful Mary Ann this morning.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

THIS IS ELVIS Movie Review

"This Is Elvis" is by far the best Elvis documentary I have seen to date. Even though it has a horrible guy playing the early Elvis, the rare movies of Elvis of when he first became a superstar and TV show appearances make you forget about him. The movie explains Elvis from his early controversial career all the way to his untimely death in 1977. Showing footage in the early years when his dancing was considered vulgar and sadly showing Elvis during his last concert run. From what I have read in Biographies, this film seems to be the most accurate documentary of his life. I must say though, being a huge Elvis fan, it's hard to see him in this shape he was before his death but on good note, his rendition of "Unchained Melody" shows that he put everything he had into his singing and still was obviously

"The King".

Hey world you've gotta know

I am going to jabber about the great movies Elvis made from time to time. My boy Vince will chime in as well on them as he feels the need. I have to start with one of my all time favorites and the movie that inspired this blogs name. CLAMBAKE! This movie is one of my favorites for some reason but I couldn't tell you why. The script is not that great. The music is not that much better either. You can tell by watching it Elvis had lost all interest in the crap he was being given. With all that I still love this movie. The big part is Elvis of course. I am a fan of most everything he did and enjoy it all. Shelly Fabares is one of my all time favorite leading lady's of Elvis films. This was like the second Elvis movie I ever owned. I have seen it probably over 500 times. I still laugh every time I see it. The song You Don't Know Me is pretty good. Hey, Hey, Hey and How Can You Lose What You Never Had all two of my favorite songs from this movie as well.

Lets spend an afternoon in the garden

I have recently got the album AN AFTERNOON IN THE GARDEN. Elvis played Madison Square Garden in June of 1972. It was the first time Elvis had ever performed in concert in New York. June 9-11 Elvis would play four shows there. On Saturday Elvis was to preform two shows. RCA planned on recording them for an album to be released fallowing the stint in NY. RCA ended up taking the second show and adding three songs from the afternoon and releasing the album we know as ELVIS AS RECORDED AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN. Almost a half a century later they finally released the material from the afternoon show in AN AFTERNOON IN THE GARDEN. This is one of the best live shows I have listened to in a long time. You can tell the energy was off the charts and Elvis gives a hell of a show. From start to finish this is gold. My favorites from this performance are You Don't Have To Say You Love Me,Reconsider Baby,For The Good Times, and I Can't Stop Loving You. Reconsider Baby being the real standout for me. I would suggest running out and getting this CD If you are an Elvis fan and don't have it in your collection yet. You will not be disappointed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Vince's take on the Top 5 at the moment

Well Mike here's what im gonna have to go with on my current Top 5:

1. Rubberneckin' - Definately a song I can see people doing "The Clam" to
2. Little Egypt- Awesome vocal presentation and sounds like he's talking about knocking up a dirty girl
3. If I Can Dream- A must hear for all Elvis fans
4. Don't Be Cruel- Legendary....... nuff said
5. Tiger Man- It's cool how he goes off in that song in "Thats The Way It Is"

I can't control it, it's the beast within me - Vince

Elvis top 5 of the moment

I cant name a favorite Elvis song. It changes from time to time. I am going to shed some light into what I am digging the most at the moment.
1.Love Me....How this song not go #1? Topped out at #2
2.(Such An) Easy Question.
3.A Fool Such As I
4.Moonlight Swim
5.I Was The One

From time to time we will post our top 5 of the moment. Lets here from you Vince.

Lady I dont know what the hell your talking about......