Thursday, June 12, 2008

Complete '68 Comeback Special Deluxe Package

2008 marks the 40th anniversary of the 1968 NBC special. In August BMG will release a 4 CD set focusing on the special. Several different Internet sites have talked about what the discs will contain but they all have had something different. Either way this is not something I am going to run out to pick up. I have Memories, Tiger Man, Burbank 68, and Let Yourself Go. So I cant imagine there is going to be much on this if anything, that I do not have. I will get it done day I suppose, because that's just what I do. I buy most anything to do with Elvis that's actually nice or worth buying. It is a nice looking set. I just think for the money I can find a lot better things to buy.

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Thomas said...

I think BMG should've made this set a long time ago, collecting all the material from the Comeback Special instead of spreading it out on different releases such as Memories, Tiger Man, Let Yourself Go and Burbank '68. But I agree, it's a nice looking set.