Saturday, June 28, 2008


Pamela Tiffin is the doll of the week. She appeared in many films in the 60's and was a real beauty at one time. Her connections with Elvis was that she was offered roles in three films with him but turned them down. She was offered Blue Hawaii, Girls! Girls! Girls! and Fun In Acapulco. She said the reason she did not do the movies was because Peter Glenville and Dolores Hart poisoned her mind against it. She said Hal Wallis said she did not have to do the movies unless she wanted to. So since everyone had said not to do it, she didn't. She has to to have met Elvis and she considered him adorable and a gentleman. She later said she regretted not doing the movies. I wish she had done a movie with Elvis. I could have handled seeing her run around in a bikini on the beach In Blue Hawaii!

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