Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Images from Hawaii

My sister just got back from the island of Kauai. That is BS she got to go, when I have been wanting to go forever. Nah not really, I am glad she got to go. She was nice enough to go check out the site of the old Coco Palms and get a few pictures for me. It was a waste of a lot of money because she paid to travel to the other side of the island and it was all shut up and you can't get in. I am still glad she got me these pictures though. The sign above I am thinking is in the front at the old entrance.
She said the whole area was really beautiful. I really want to go, and I want to go check it out before they get rid of this place all together. I will say screw it and break in, and get some key pictures. She said she had heard while she was there they might try to do something with this soon. I have heard different and that it is not looking good for the property. I tend to think at this point there is no hope for it. I am sentimental when it comes to any historic spot from way back when it comes to Elvis history.
It never made any sense to me why this place has just sit in ruin since 92. This was the top resort in Hawaii for many years. It has a lot of history and deserves to be brought back to life. I hope it happens. Elvis fan or not I respect the importance and beauty of this great place. I have a few more pictures of the area that I might post in the next few days.

Also don't forget the great song "Island Of Love" from the movie Blue Hawaii. It is a very overlooked song. I have always thought it was key. Actually the whole damn soundtrack is key.

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