Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I am going to discuss one of my latest additions to my collection. Flashback is a book with many never before seen photos with a CD of outtake from 1958-1958. The book is from the people at FTD so it is top notch all the way. Sherif Hanna and Ernst Jorgensen has done a great job with this project. First off lets talk about the book. I enjoy seeing any new pictures of Elvis that I have not seen before. I have seen some of these pictures before, but most of them I have never seen. The pictures range from Elvis' signing at RCA to Elvis' on recording session while in the Army. I found the pictures of Elvis on stage in Miami interesting. You can just see Elvis on stage moving about in these pictures and seems to be putting on a hell of a show. I can only imagine the electricity in that auditorium. Also some pictures from the dressing room in Miami are featured. These are really neat getting to see Red and Gene. Pictures from the Love Me Tender recording session are featured here. A Reminder Elvis still did not have total control. Scotty,Bill, and DJ are nowhere to be found. Studio musician's from Nashville are put in there place because RCA made that call for a few different reasons.

Now on to the music. The disc is made up of twenty-five outtakes from the 50's. It starts out with a version of Heartbreak Hotel that has takes 5(1st part) and takes 4(2nd part). It is outstanding. I Was The One take 7 is on here and was really something I looked forward to hearing. This is one of my all time favorite songs and wanted to hear this. Blueberry Hill take 3 is found on here as well and it is interesting to hear the difference between this song and the take used for release. Many other great songs are on this disc. One song however jumps out at me and I like above all the rest. Treat Me Nice(1st version). This song really sounds different then the one used in Jailhouse Rock that we have heard over the years. The background melody and the overall feel to the song is different. Elvis' delivery is different but great. I actually think the song sounds better this way. I do not know the story behind this song and how it turned out the way it did, but it has me curious. This song has instantly became on of my favorite songs. This is exactly why I love the outtakes. When you hear several of them you can see where Elvis works his magic and how the songs take shape over various takes. It is a shame more of the outtakes from the 50's are not available.

Overall I am very happy with the purchase of this book. Some might not think the book and CD is not worth $65. The CD would have been around thirty if it was just a release, and thirty five bucks for the book is not all that bad. I think this was a great addition to my collection. I would recommend this book for sure.

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Thomas said...

I really enjoy the CD that comes with this book! Especially since it's the only FTD CD so far with songs only from the 50's. Man, Elvis is in great shape!