Thursday, June 19, 2008

Elvis Gold Records Vol. 2

I am going to talk about another one of the FTD's I got a few weeks ago. 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong is a classic. The album cover is one of the most famous Elvis covers ever. This has long been one of my favorite albums. I am so glad to get this wonderful 2 disc edition from FTD. Disc 1 has the ten LP masters as well as three bonus masters. All 13 are solid. I Need Your Love Tonight starts out the first disc. I have always thought this was a pretty good song, but not one of my personal favorites. Song two is one of my favorites, and one of Elvis' best, Don't. I think this song is wonderful and Elvis does a great job with this. I think this song is perfect the was Elvis delivers it. I Got Stung is on here and always been a song I like to listen to just for the fact it seems so out on control. It is fast paced and I have always had a hard time keeping up with it. Though I think that is why it appeals to me for some odd reason. It is just pure fun for more. My absolute favorite song from this album is (Now And The There's) A Fool Such As I. Probably one of my top ten favorite Elvis songs from the 50's. Doncha' Think It's Time in my opinion is a very underrated song. Disc one also contains takes from the February and June 58 sessions. Disc two is nothing but outtakes of I Need Your Love Tonight, (Now And The There's)A Fool Such As I, and I got Stung. As I have said many many times before, I love , love, love outtakes. Elvis was known to do take after take trying to get what he thinks is the right sound. That was really the case in the early RCA years. I only wish we had more of these gems to hear. I just love to hear the progression of a song and how he changes things and try different things. Most of the time I still think the master released was the best, but I do often find myself liking some outtakes better then the takes released. The first 18 takes of I Need Your Love Tonight are on this disc. I probably spent a half a day when I got this Cd just listening to these 18 takes over and over. I am fascinated by these takes. It teaches me so much more about Elvis' wonderful talent for making music and knowing what sounds good. I have found I appreciate this song so much more. I have done this with every song on this disc. I only with I had every take of every Elvis song. Now that would be awesome, even though I would never come out of my room. Overall I am very pleased as usual with FTD and the effort. This is a great addition to any Elvis music lovers collection. As much as I loved this CD it was my least favorite of the four FTD's I just bought. I still have yet to discuss Something For Everybody and Studio B. I will soon, but I am saving them for when I have the time to put some serious effort into the review. They are among my favorites ever!

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