Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elvis had a secret Diary?

A college professor claims he has a seven volume secret diary that Elvis kept. He says he bought them with a bunch of used books in Memphis a short time back. The man says the diary spans from November of 1956 until August of 1977. This guy swears up in down these are real and says two different people have confirmed that this was Elvis' handwriting. Below are some of the entries that are suppose to have been written by Elvis.

August 14, 1958-Where are you, Mama? I know you’re here. You’re not dead. You can’t be dead. You can’t leave me, Mama. You said you’d never leave me. You promised. I’m not ready. Mama, I’m scared.

August 28, 1965The Beatles are O.K. I don’t know why John [Lennon] was so nervous [when Elvis and the Beatles met]. What did he think I was going to do, bite him? He said I inspired him. We played and sang some but we’d never make it on one stage. I’m a show. The Beatles are just a band.

April 27, 1973Should I cut my sideburns? I wonder what the girls would say? I wonder what The Colonel would say? I wonder what I’d say after they went down the drain?

August 27, 1974If I have to kiss one more fat girl I’ll puke. Where the hell are my pills?

August 15, 1977It won’t be long now, Mama. I’m coming home.

August 16, 1977I can’t go on

Why in the hell would anyone even try to pass this crap off as actual thoughts of Elvis'? Most everyone is saying this is just a bunch of nonsense, and it does not take a smart person to realize that. There is a lot of crap you read about Elvis in book and on the Internet people actually believe, but really, who would buy this? This is the most ridicules thing ever, anyone that knows anything about Elvis knows this does not even sound like him or the way he would try to convey something. You think he would really write something down about a fat girl then finish it with where the hell is my pills? I just can't get over why this dumb ass person is even trying to pass this off.

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Ty said...

The story, which I've seen in its entirely elsewhere (I agree with your thought not to link to it, though), almost reminds me of something like "The Onion" would do - except that "The Onion" is usually funny in a satirical way while this is just lame.

The entry for June 28, 1959, in particular, should prove to anyone that this is a total fake.