Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elvis On Elvis

I recently purchased a DVD titled "Elvis On Elvis". This DVD is pretty much a compilation of pictures of Elvis with interviews over the years about his career. It also has a few performances from different TV show appearences and some concert footage from the 50's. Even though the quality isnt top notch and the audio is not been cleaned up very well, it still is a pretty good documentary with rare footage, interviews with members of the Memphis Mafia, and rare pictures. When I first saw the the DVD on Amazon, I was immediately curious on what it was all about. Finally I ran across a deal I couldn't pass and bought it. The DVD is low budget and has special features that include The Karate Years and a slideshow of rare photos with songs in the background. All in all, for it to be low budget and not endorsed by EPE, it's not half bad. I would reccomend for you to find a good deal and not spend alot of money on it though

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