Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ann Helm is my doll this week. She played in the 1962 movie Fallow That Dream. I have always had a thing for her. She was very cute. Not a knock out like say Ann, or Raquel. She still is very attractive and one of the many reason why I watch Fallow over and over. She dated Elvis some during the filming and came to his home a few times from what sources say. I really cant say if that is true or not though. She played in a few other movies and apperad on several TV shows. She pretty much stopped acting when she had her second child in the seventies. Anna always had nice things to say about Elvis. It is interesting that while filming the movie The Magic Sword in 62 she dated co star Gary Lockwood(IT and Wild In The Country) and double dated with Tuesday Weld. I have seen Fallow about 4 times this past week, but I am thinking it might be worth seeing again just to see Anne.

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