Thursday, May 29, 2008

The King Cobra and I

I few years ago I remember running across a show on the Animal Planet about cobras. I have always been fascinated about them and decided to watch. Turns out the expert the show was about was a avid Elvis fan. Below is a description of the show courtesy of the Animal planet website.

As long as a giraffe is tall, able to rear its head to the height of a man and deadly enough to kill an elephant with a single bite, the king cobra is truly the "king of the serpents." On this Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom special, join dynamic American herpetologist and Elvis fanatic Romulus Whitaker on a quest to protect this highly endangered and much-feared snake.
A world authority on Indian snakes, Romulus searches the jungles of southern India for the perfect place to build the world's first king cobra sanctuary — but first he must find a mate for his largest snake, Elvis.
The task is wrought with danger as Romulus, though allergic to antivenin, rescues a large female from a home in an Indian village. The female snake, aptly named Priscilla, ultimately breeds with Elvis. In time, their offspring are released into the remote jungle that Romulus has selected as the home for a new generation of kings.
Featuring classic songs by Elvis Presley, this film provides unique insight into the lives of these deadly yet secretive creatures through the eyes of a man who has a passionate desire to save them.

This show was awesome. The guy was doing a good thing in saving and trying to protect these interesting snakes. I remember several songs being played during the show but I know Mystery Train was played. I wish this show would air again. I would love to see the two massive cobras again. I thought it was really cool he named them after Elvis and Priscilla. I do remember the snake Elvis was very big, as big a cobra as I have ever seen. I have always wanted one of these snakes but I can't see it ever happening.

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