Friday, May 30, 2008

New Items finally arrive

I got my latest order in today from Shop Elvis. The fallowing is a list of the items I got.

FTD-Studio B Outtakes 1961-1964
FTD 2 disc classic album, Something For Everybody
FTD 2 disc classic album, 50 Million Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong
FTD book/CD, Flashback
That's All Right CD single

I am super excited and should have a few thoughts on them as I get to listen to them. So far I have only got to listen to a little of the Studio B outtakes. From what I have heard though. it is outstanding. I have a feeling this might be on of my favorite CD's ever!

This puts my Elvis CD collection up to 131.

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easycomeeasygo333 said...

131 ? WOW THATS A LOT OF elvis!!