Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elvis and Ed part two

It Has been a long time since I have done any of my blogs about Elvis on TV. I am going to continue tonight talking about Elvis' second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. On October 28 1956 Elvis and the boys would be in New York to be on Sullivan's show. Ed was back by this time to see up close and personal the Hillbilly Cat take off. This is my favorite TV appearance from Elvis ever! More then Aloha, The NBC special, or any other thing he did. This is my all time favorite. He is performing with such energy. He sings some of my favorites. Also the outfit is damn cool. The white shoes, loose fitting pants, the over-sized jacket, and the cool tie. That outfit was one of the coolest ever.

Elvis starts out the show with Don't Be Cruel. The performance is great, but might be a notch below the version from the next Sullivan show. He then sings the title track from his debut movie, Love Me Tender. He does a pretty good job on it. Elvis would be back later in the show to sing another new song from his latest album called Love Me. This of course is probably one of my all time favorite songs. He does a wonderful job with it and plays with the crowd from time to time during the song. Elvis would sing Hound Dog for his last number. This for me is Elvis rockin at his best. When I think of Elvis and REAL Rock and Roll one of the things I think of is this song. When I hear Elvis songs different images of Elvis often float around in my head. Though It never fails, If I hear Hound Dog I always think of this performance.

This show was just one more stepping stone to the top. Elvis was already the biggest thing in the business. Now he had just done a movie and was on his way. One sad note though would be that there was no need for TV anymore. The movies would do for Elvis what TV had done but to a larger extent. Only one more TV appearance would be left. Now enjoy the video below of Love Me and Hound Dog. My favorite six minutes of Elvis footage ever.

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