Friday, May 30, 2008


Judy Tyler appeared with Elvis in the movie Jailhouse Rock. She was a model in her younger days and also danced at the Copa. She played on the Howdy Doody show for a time. She was getting into movies and had done a few when she landed the role in Jailhouse Rock. I thought she was a pretty good actress from what I have seen of her. She is very pleasing to the eyes as well. She is one the more naturally beautiful ladies in any of Elvis' movies in my opinion. Shortly after Jailhouse Rock was finished she and her husband was driving from LA to New York when they got in a car accident. He would die that night, and she would pass away the next morning. Elvis was said to be very fond of Judy. Right after her death Elvis spoke out about and said he could never watch this movie because it would be too painful. He never did watch it from what I understand.

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she's hot! and a doll!