Sunday, May 18, 2008


I have not done a movie review in a long time and decided to do one tonight about Jailhouse Rock. Elvis' third film would be one of his best if not the best one he ever did. It is neck and neck with King Creole for that honor. Elvis would start filming Jailhouse Rock In May of 1957 and would work until the first of July on the project. This was Elvis' first film for MGM. He was assigned Clark Gable's former dressing room.Elvis would play the part of Vince Everette. The movie would also star Judy Tyler and Mickey Shaughnessy. You can see Elvis' band in the movie just as you did in Loving You.

Vince gets into a bar fight early in the movie and accidentally kills a man. He is sent to prison where he is put up in a cell with a guy named Hunk(Shaughnessy). Hunk takes the boy under his wing and teaches him many things. Hunk was a country music star before landing behind bars. Vince shows he has somewhat of a flair for singing and Hunk teaches him a few chord's and such. Hunk is in charge of putting together a show in the prison that is going to be put on TV. He gives Vince a spot and he is naturally a hit. Before getting out of prison Vince and Hunk sign a deal where they will be partners when Hunk gets out. Vince then tried to get a job as a singer in club but the owner would rather him make drinks. Vince tries to prove him wrong but does not go over well. While in the bar Vince meets Peggy (Tyler) who is in the music business. She tries to help Vince out. So they go to a recording studio to try to figure out what he needs to do to get better. Vince finds his sound, and the two of them try to put out a record.

It does not go that well, when they are took advantage of and someone steals Vince's hit. So then Vince and Peggy decide to be partners and start their own company. Vince records a hit,"Treat Me Nice", and they are a smashing success. Then Vince goes to Hollywood, because the next step is in movies. There is where Hunk shows up looking to get his. Vince has an up coming TV show. Vince puts Hunk on as a sideshow but Hunk flops big time. Vince comes of big with his number(Jailhouse Rock). Vince lays it out to Hunk, the contract means nothing legally. Though he remembers what he had tried to do for him in prison, so he makes him a flunky for a good amount of money.
Peggy comes to see Vince and he lays out an offer to her. He is wanting to sell out and get rid of the company. She is upset because of the way he is acting is leaves all torn up. Hunk sees this and gets in a fight with Vince. Hunk hits Vince in the throat and he has to be rushed to the hospital. After emergency surgery it is unknown if Vince is going to be able to perform again. Vince had a tough guy attitude and had a hard time showing people how he felt. At the end of the movie he finally shows Peggy how he feels. The movie ends with Vince singing and Peggy at his side.

That is pretty much what the movie is about. That will be part one of my blog on this great movie. I am not done with the story of Jailhouse Rock though. I am getting tired and I feel I need a break. I will be back with another part of this with thoughts on the movie and more interesting facts about the flick.

Part 2 to be continued...

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Jeremy Richey said...

I just posted my look at the film with some screenshots I did as well...hope you find it interesting...I look forward to your part two.