Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Elvis duet album for Christmas

As you might know an album is coming out with songs sung by both Elvis and guest artist. It is coming out later this year. When I first heard about it I was kinda going back and forth on it. I would rather just listen to the originals by Elvis as they are pretty damn good and I do not like this sort of thing. Simply because I do not really like any artist out today. According to For CD Collectors Only site an ad for this release has some details on who is on the album. The ad mentions Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard, Adam Harvey, Guy Sebastian, Shanon Noil, Jessica Simpson, Leann Rimes and Carrie Underwood as persons who recorded a duet for the album. When I first heard this one name that popped in my mind was Carrie Underwood, I am not that big of a fan, but she is alright. I like Leann Rimes alright as well. It will not be completely awful. The rest I could do without. I will not rush to get this. More than likely as some point though it will end up in my collection. What really kills me is Jessica Simpson. Alright, shes famous for being pretty, to some people anyway. She can't sing though! I would not listen to her with Elvis for nothing. That's what makes me not want to hear this. Elvis was wonderfully gifted as a vocalist, highly underrated in my opinion. To see him paired with some people who are not even close to being in his league is awful. I am not downing the album though like some other people have seen make comments on other sites. To some degree it is good, but really, Jessica Simpson?

Terrible stuff! I mean, not the sound of cat's being killed bad, but on the same track as this man?

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