Tuesday, August 12, 2008

EW-DAY 2(part 2)

Last night was day one of Movies and Music at Graceland. The night started off with a performances from Andy Child's and his band. He was pretty good and sang many songs. Then Jerry Schilling and George Klein came out to talk a bit and introduce a preview of the new DVD about Elvis in Vegas. Jerry talked a bit about the making of the show. George talked some about Elvis making Jailhouse Rock and his role in the movie. Anytime you get to hear GK talk it is a treat. Finally we got to the movie. Seeing Jailhouse Rock on the big screen was awesome. Getting to do it on the the front lawn of Graceland with all the other Elvis fans it pretty special. We finished the night off at the tent listening to some people sing Elvis music. I was pretty worn out and was ready for the day to end actually. I could not even find the energy to get on here and post. Sorry we have not pictures at the moment to post. Something is wrong with the blog and it will not process our pictures for us. We will hopefully have some from the event tonight along with pictures from what we do today. We have a busy day today. We are about to head out for our Graceland tour and then we have night two of Music and Movies at Graceland.

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