Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday was the first day of the Elvis Insiders Conference. I was wondering how it would be this year. I was not all that excited about most of the guests but a few I was. The first guest was the lady I was posted here above, Dixie Locke Emmons. She dated Elvis beginning in January of 1954 and they were together until she finally realized they were going different directions and it would be best to come to the conclusion they would be best served to separate paths. She has never spoke all that much about Elvis before. The book Last Train To Memphis was the first time she had really gone into length about her and Elvis at that time in her life. I was so glad I got to hear her today. Speaking of Elvis before he had got his break and how his life was back then. We have a pretty clear idea of what was going on, but to hear someone that was actually there was a treat. Mike Stoller from the writing team Liber and Stoller writing team that wrote over twenty hits for Elvis. I had pretty much heard everything he said before in other interviews but it was neat to see him in person. He went on about he did not like what Elvis did with Hound Dog and about him being in Jailhouse Rock. Sammy Shore, who was a comedian who opened for Elvis in Vegas. I had never heard him speak before, but I could done without him. Richard Sterban from the Oak Ridge boys was on hand. He was with The Stamps during the early to mid seventies. He talked about Elvis and JD. He was pretty good to listen to. The Imperials showed up and talked for a bit. Other guests that showed up for a few minutes where DJ Spankox,DJ Fontana, Joe Petruccio,Lowell Hays, Joanne Cash, and Miss Tennessee Cydney Miller. DJ Fontana was awesome as usuall. Cydney Miller is a huge Elvis fan and an Elvis insider so it was neat to hear from her. Also she is really freaking hot. Other than that I could have done without all the other. Also the other thing I really enjoyed about the day was listening to an Interview Dick Clark did with Elvis over the phone when he was in Germany. I had not heard it in a long time and this was the first time I hear it at full length. After that we rested and got some food and spent the evening at Graceland Crossing. I have to cut it short because we have to leave for day two on the Conference. One of us will be back late tonight or tomorrow morning with the details of today's conference and out overall thoughts on the two days.

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