Thursday, August 7, 2008

A little over 50 hours...

until Vince and I leave for Memphis. I have been to Elvis week every year since 2001 and I am looking forward to this one I think more than any other. Probably due to the face I need to get away from work for a week more than ever, but either way I am super excited. I am going to post a soft schedule of some of the things Vince and I will be doing next week. I am sure things might change slightly and we might do more things than expected.

Sunday the 10th
1:30am- Leave for the M Town!
Arrive In Memphis and shop some and find a bar to watch NASCAR
Go hang at Graceland

Monday the 11th
Tour Memphis for Elvis related sites(Humes, Eagles Nest, Pop Tunes, etc.)
Movies and Music at Graceland

Tuesday the 12th
Graceland tour, pretty much all day. We are doing the VIP tour so we will tour the house over and over and over.

Movies and Music at Graceland
Club Elvis

Wednesday the 13th
Elvis Insiders Conference Day 1
Elvis Expo

Thurday the 14th
Elvis Insiders Conference Day 2
Elvis expo

Friday the 15th
Golfing possibly
Tour Memphis some more
Candlelight Vigil

Saturday the 16th
Sun Studio
Possibly go to Tupelo
go to Ruth's Chris

Sunday the 17th
Shop and spend lots of cash on Elvis stuff
See whatever we need to see we have not got to yet in Memphis
Head back home

Of course we are going to be at the tent every night. Many other things we will be getting into. Check back and see what we are doing since we will post as much as we can.

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