Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Few New Additions To My Elvis Collection

I recently have had a few new additions to my Elvis collection, slowly but surely it's geting bigger. First I purchased the new Mcfarlene figure which was the 68 comeback figure with Elvis in his white suit. Later on I found a killer deal on a 3D wall art movie poster for "Elvis On Tour" also brought out by Mcfarlene toys. I found an awesome deal on the Mcafarlene rockabilly Elvis Figure on Amazon and purchased it, then a friend over the internet shot me an email of an ebay item that was the the 1993 Hasboro 68 Comeback Doll for $15!!! WHAT A STEAL!, I finally recieved it in the mail today. The last two additions are really kool as well, the first one is a book called Elvis American Idol which is really cool, it has a bunch of cool facts abnout huge events and some really good info, Last, a lady at work gave me a memorial magazine that was printed in 1977 after his death, it's in ok condition but I thought it was a cool addition. Remember to be sure to check back during our ELVIS WEEK 08 romp, it's gonna be awesome.

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