Friday, May 30, 2008

New Items finally arrive

I got my latest order in today from Shop Elvis. The fallowing is a list of the items I got.

FTD-Studio B Outtakes 1961-1964
FTD 2 disc classic album, Something For Everybody
FTD 2 disc classic album, 50 Million Elvis Fans Cant Be Wrong
FTD book/CD, Flashback
That's All Right CD single

I am super excited and should have a few thoughts on them as I get to listen to them. So far I have only got to listen to a little of the Studio B outtakes. From what I have heard though. it is outstanding. I have a feeling this might be on of my favorite CD's ever!

This puts my Elvis CD collection up to 131.


Judy Tyler appeared with Elvis in the movie Jailhouse Rock. She was a model in her younger days and also danced at the Copa. She played on the Howdy Doody show for a time. She was getting into movies and had done a few when she landed the role in Jailhouse Rock. I thought she was a pretty good actress from what I have seen of her. She is very pleasing to the eyes as well. She is one the more naturally beautiful ladies in any of Elvis' movies in my opinion. Shortly after Jailhouse Rock was finished she and her husband was driving from LA to New York when they got in a car accident. He would die that night, and she would pass away the next morning. Elvis was said to be very fond of Judy. Right after her death Elvis spoke out about and said he could never watch this movie because it would be too painful. He never did watch it from what I understand.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The King Cobra and I

I few years ago I remember running across a show on the Animal Planet about cobras. I have always been fascinated about them and decided to watch. Turns out the expert the show was about was a avid Elvis fan. Below is a description of the show courtesy of the Animal planet website.

As long as a giraffe is tall, able to rear its head to the height of a man and deadly enough to kill an elephant with a single bite, the king cobra is truly the "king of the serpents." On this Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom special, join dynamic American herpetologist and Elvis fanatic Romulus Whitaker on a quest to protect this highly endangered and much-feared snake.
A world authority on Indian snakes, Romulus searches the jungles of southern India for the perfect place to build the world's first king cobra sanctuary — but first he must find a mate for his largest snake, Elvis.
The task is wrought with danger as Romulus, though allergic to antivenin, rescues a large female from a home in an Indian village. The female snake, aptly named Priscilla, ultimately breeds with Elvis. In time, their offspring are released into the remote jungle that Romulus has selected as the home for a new generation of kings.
Featuring classic songs by Elvis Presley, this film provides unique insight into the lives of these deadly yet secretive creatures through the eyes of a man who has a passionate desire to save them.

This show was awesome. The guy was doing a good thing in saving and trying to protect these interesting snakes. I remember several songs being played during the show but I know Mystery Train was played. I wish this show would air again. I would love to see the two massive cobras again. I thought it was really cool he named them after Elvis and Priscilla. I do remember the snake Elvis was very big, as big a cobra as I have ever seen. I have always wanted one of these snakes but I can't see it ever happening.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vince's Random Song

Im a huge fan of Del Shannon's "Runaway" and I ran across this slideshow of pics from Elvis' 69' vegas shows while he sings "Runaway" CHECK IT OUT!!

Elvis At The International

This album was recorded on August 23, 1969 at the midnight show in Las Vegas. Very similar to the "All Shook Up" album, Elvis is still not fully in his comfort zone from his hiatus from live performances during the 60's. I had read in an article that the opening night album (which is only available by bootleg only) was so long because he would pretty much tell his whole life story, that the International asked Elvis to cut down the time of his shows. So on this album Elvis has a complete 10 minute rant on crickets, woolly boogers and how he hated to film some of his movies. The cover of this album which is available on FTD records, is the coolest cover I've seen. I know the picture is way over used but it showed the new Elvis in action. New energy, new sound, but same favorites are on this album. Surprisingly I loved the Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel medley, normally I don't like the classics in the later years but he pulled these two off quite well. What really struck me as a cool song live was "Reconsider Baby" the way he sang that sounded almost as good as the original version, I was yelling. My two least favorite songs on the album were "What I'D Say" and "Yesterday/Hey Jude". In my opinion Elvis really sang "What'd I Say" too hard causing him to sound like it took way too much out of him and as for "Yesterday/Hey Jude", I just don't like anything associated with the Beatles. This album has really good sound quality and is very entertaining. Definitely in my top 5 Vegas shows.

Parker movie to be made.

The fallowing was took from

Producers David Permut and Steve Binder have acquired screen rights to Alanna Nash's 2003 book "The Colonel: The Extraordinary Story of Colonel Tom Parker and Elvis Presley." Permut and Binder will develop a feature titled "The Colonel" based on the book about the man with shadowy origins who reinvented himself as the Svengali behind the world's most famous entertainer.Parker started his showbiz career as a hustler on the carnival circuit before promoting Minnie Pearl and Eddy Arnold. Parker built Presley into a global music and film star -- and took 50% of the spoils.Nash dug deeply into Parker's origins in the expose. While Parker always claimed to be American, Nash uncovered a past life in the Netherlands that included his possible involvement in the bludgeoning death of a female acquaintance. Though that murder remains unsolved, Permut said the event may factor into the script because it's one explanation of why Parker left abruptly for America and rarely ventured outside the U.S. Presley famously never went on a European tour because Parker didn't want to go there.Permut said he and Binder (who produced Presley's 1968 comeback TV special) set up the project after hiring a writer and director. Steve Longi will be co-producer.

I think this might be pretty neat to see something about the Tom Parker. However I wish it was a fair interpretation and they don't just make this about him being low,a crook, blah blah blah. I don't think it is any secret Binder didn't like Parker. I don't share the same opinon of most Presley fans who think Parker was the devil who led Elvis to hell and all that nonsense. This movie will be interesting though.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vince's Flippy Five

1. What A Wonderful Life
2. Pocket Full Of Rainbows
3. Feels So Right
4. I Gotta Know
5. Can't Help Falling In Love

Monday, May 26, 2008


Elvis in 1974.

Mike's Top 5

My top five for the week.

1.Love Me
2.All Shook Up
3.I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
4.Stuck On You
5.Girl Happy


Looks like the other option took it for which character would you most want to be. I was surprised Ross did not get any votes. He has to be the coolest one just behind Mike Edwards.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby Let's Play House to be released

The italian DJ Spankox, who remixed Elvis' classic "Baby Let's Play House" has been invited to Elvis Week 2008 by EPE a guest speaker at the Elvis Insiders Conference. SONY BMG will release his remix single May 27, 2008; a special limited edition CD single of the re-mix will be available exclusively at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis and online at Shop Elvis.

I personally think this is great. Some people go on and on about how much they hate the remixes. I don't like them near as much as the originals, but if done right they serve a great purpose. I think they open up Elvis to new people. As long as they don't kill the original work, then it is alright. If they start going overboard and releasing stuff rapidly and it is not done right, I am going to have a problem. I can't believe I would ever like any remix done with Baby Let's Play House. As I stated in a previous post some time back, I actually like this pretty good. I am interested to see what Spankox will have to say at the conference.

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Instant Classic.....A look at Jailhouse Rock(part2)

I am finally back to finish my thoughts on Jailhouse Rock. This movie seems to have been perfect for Elvis. It came about at just the right time. It served notice this guy could cut it in Hollywood. First lets start with the story. The script is pretty good. No it is not the best one he was a part of in my opinion. Though overall I thought it fit. I would have had to wonder, how many times can we see this story about the young guy discovering his musical talent and making it big? Well three times in a row in the 50's and it paid off. The reason it did was because of the great music and the fact Elvis was actually becoming a good actor. The character is really nothing like the 22 year old boy who was playing him. Vince Everette was a tough guy who had a soft side, but really wanted to put out that vibe that he was not to be messed with. It is one of Elvis' coolest characters. Elvis has a pretty good cast to work with as well. I don't think it was as solid as the cast in King Creole, but it was still solid. I love Judy Tyler in the role of Peggy Van Alden. She and Elvis worked well together. She was a very pretty lady and seemed very talented. It is such a tragedy the way her life ended. The music was very good in the movie. Jailhouse Rock was an instant classic and defines the Rock and Roll side of Elvis to many people. It is one of the songs a lot of the general public thinks of when they thinks of Elvis. My personal favorite from the movie is (You're So Square)Baby I Don't Care. Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote some great music for the film.The wardrobe it also far out. I love Elvis' style from the 50's and it is reflected in this movie. I don't know if Elvis ever looked cooler then in the scene by the pool.
We all know the story about Elvis swallowing a tooth cap during production of the movie. He was rushed the hospital. It was a pretty serious deal, though Elvis made it through it alright. The most interesting part of the film to me is the Jailhouse Rock production number. It is without a doubt Elvis' best number on film, and was said to be his favorite. I believe it is the best production number from any movie ever, period. Alex Romero was the choreographer for the movie. Most people think Elvis came up with the dance, but this is false. Romero came up with something in the style of Fred Astaire. Elvis was not feeling it, and frankly couldn't have made it work. Romero asked Elvis to perform some of his songs and move like he did on stage, He left that night with some ideas, and had a new number by the next morning. Elvis still did not have an easy time with it. There is a great story about Elvis working on it and finally getting it. I should put it in here, but I am not. I might save that for another day. Romero and Presley sure came up with something special. Interestingly enough they would work together one more time years later. That would be in the 1967 movie, Clambake. That is one of the more odd things ever to me. Are two movies more on the opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to Elvis? Clambake is a personal favorite of mine, but the none of the musical numbers are really that great to most people. Even though Hey Hey Hey is pretty key. Sorry, I have got off on a Clambake ramble now. Easy thing for me to do.
Jailhouse Rock is a classic, which ranks as some of Elvis' best work. I personally think it is one of his best movies along with King Creole and Wild In The Country. It is also on of my favorite movies. It does not top It Happened At The Worlds Fair, but it is probably a close second. I will discuss the music of this movie in the near future. I am going to finish this off with a clip from the movie. This is my favorite movie. The songs is cool. Elvis looks far out in his duds, and the whole vibe just rocks. This inspired me to go out and by a damn sweater just like his!


First off, I am sorry I have not been around. The last two weeks have been crazy at work. I am over that for a while and will be back on track with the blog. Now, to the important stuff. The doll of the week is Jocelyn Lane. She is known for her role in Tickle Me. Damn, I can't even tell you how much I dig this girl. She was so damn hot. The first time I seen her on screen I almost lost myself. Tickle Me will always be one of my favorite movies ever because of her. She appeared in several other things in the sixties. She is for sure in my top five or six of all time Elvis girls. For pure hotness, she might even be first of second.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you look at your bald head and wish you had hair?

First and formost I would like to apologize for my absence due to pc problems, hopefully everything is taken care of and I can get the Vegas blogs rolling. Im gonna start by the review of "All Shook Up". This album was recorded from the complete midnight show on August 26, 1969 in Las Vegas. This would be one of the first few concerts Elvis performed after his comeback. You can hear on the album that he's very nervous but yet he still puts on a good show with his music and comedy. The infamous laughing version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" is on this album where Elvis adds the line "Do you look at your bald head and wish you had hair." It sends Elvis into a tailspin of giggles but he comes back strong with an impromptu jam of "Rubberneckin'". After correcting himself and speeding up the tempo, he rocks out the song. Another aspect of the early vegas shows that I like is hearing songs that he'd recently recorded such as "Suspicious Minds", hearing the first few live version compared to the TTWII Disc 2 version amazes me how much he made that song better live throughout the years. There is also his version of Del Shannon's "Runaway" on there which I think is pretty kick ass because thats one of my all time favorite songs and to hear him sing it is simply amazing. As you can expect, it's a typical Vegas Elvis show but what makes it really good is his nervousness and how he counteracts it with comedy. The one thing that makes me love this album is the rare live version of "Rubberneckin", that's what makes the whole album great to me. The next album I will review will be "Elvis At The International", The show recorded on August 23, 1969, stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No blog tonight

I am busy trying to decide on what new FTD's to buy tonight. I am allowing myself four but am having a hard time trying to pick from the list I have made of about ten that I feel i just have to have at the moment. I am going back and forth on a few. Anyway, I will be back tomorrow to finish my Jailhouse Rock blog. Until then enjoy one of my favorite songs of the moment.

Vince's Top 5

Vince is having problems with his computer this week and wanted me to post his top five and poll question this week.

1.What A Wonderful Life
2.C'mon Everybody
3.Fallow That Dream
4.Doin' The Best I Can
5.It Feels So Right

All five songs appeared in movies. I finally got him down on the soundtracks. I knew it was only a matter of time. Movie songs are key.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mike's Top 5 of the week

My current top five favorite Elvis songs.

1.Love Me
2.(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care
3.(Such An) Easy Question
4.One Night(Of Sin)
5. I Feel So Bad


This picture is from sometime in 1956. I am about dead at the moment. I am having a hard time remembering exactly when though. This is Elvis on on of his first Harley's in front of his home on Audubon Drive. Look at the shoes! They are pretty damn cool.


Looks like Blue Hawaii took the most votes for favorite soundtrack of the 60's.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Elvis at Graceland

This is some footage from Elvis at Graceland from 1957, not 56 as the vid says. Anyway, I had seen it some time ago but thought it would be nice to post and preserve on our blog. I enjoy anything Elvis in the early days, and this footage is priceless.


I have not done a movie review in a long time and decided to do one tonight about Jailhouse Rock. Elvis' third film would be one of his best if not the best one he ever did. It is neck and neck with King Creole for that honor. Elvis would start filming Jailhouse Rock In May of 1957 and would work until the first of July on the project. This was Elvis' first film for MGM. He was assigned Clark Gable's former dressing room.Elvis would play the part of Vince Everette. The movie would also star Judy Tyler and Mickey Shaughnessy. You can see Elvis' band in the movie just as you did in Loving You.

Vince gets into a bar fight early in the movie and accidentally kills a man. He is sent to prison where he is put up in a cell with a guy named Hunk(Shaughnessy). Hunk takes the boy under his wing and teaches him many things. Hunk was a country music star before landing behind bars. Vince shows he has somewhat of a flair for singing and Hunk teaches him a few chord's and such. Hunk is in charge of putting together a show in the prison that is going to be put on TV. He gives Vince a spot and he is naturally a hit. Before getting out of prison Vince and Hunk sign a deal where they will be partners when Hunk gets out. Vince then tried to get a job as a singer in club but the owner would rather him make drinks. Vince tries to prove him wrong but does not go over well. While in the bar Vince meets Peggy (Tyler) who is in the music business. She tries to help Vince out. So they go to a recording studio to try to figure out what he needs to do to get better. Vince finds his sound, and the two of them try to put out a record.

It does not go that well, when they are took advantage of and someone steals Vince's hit. So then Vince and Peggy decide to be partners and start their own company. Vince records a hit,"Treat Me Nice", and they are a smashing success. Then Vince goes to Hollywood, because the next step is in movies. There is where Hunk shows up looking to get his. Vince has an up coming TV show. Vince puts Hunk on as a sideshow but Hunk flops big time. Vince comes of big with his number(Jailhouse Rock). Vince lays it out to Hunk, the contract means nothing legally. Though he remembers what he had tried to do for him in prison, so he makes him a flunky for a good amount of money.
Peggy comes to see Vince and he lays out an offer to her. He is wanting to sell out and get rid of the company. She is upset because of the way he is acting is leaves all torn up. Hunk sees this and gets in a fight with Vince. Hunk hits Vince in the throat and he has to be rushed to the hospital. After emergency surgery it is unknown if Vince is going to be able to perform again. Vince had a tough guy attitude and had a hard time showing people how he felt. At the end of the movie he finally shows Peggy how he feels. The movie ends with Vince singing and Peggy at his side.

That is pretty much what the movie is about. That will be part one of my blog on this great movie. I am not done with the story of Jailhouse Rock though. I am getting tired and I feel I need a break. I will be back with another part of this with thoughts on the movie and more interesting facts about the flick.

Part 2 to be continued...

Elvis in Vegas

Ive decided that im gonna dedicate this week to a turning point in Elvis' career. Each day im going to review a cd from live concerts recorded in Las Vegas. Starting tonight with "All Shook Up" check back later to read the review. PEACE!

Saturday, May 17, 2008


The doll of the week for this go around is Barbra Eden. She played along with Elvis in Flaming Star. As we all know she would go on to be known for her role in "I Dream of Jeannie". She was a pretty lady and fun to watch on TV when I was young.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Elvis and Ed part two

It Has been a long time since I have done any of my blogs about Elvis on TV. I am going to continue tonight talking about Elvis' second appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. On October 28 1956 Elvis and the boys would be in New York to be on Sullivan's show. Ed was back by this time to see up close and personal the Hillbilly Cat take off. This is my favorite TV appearance from Elvis ever! More then Aloha, The NBC special, or any other thing he did. This is my all time favorite. He is performing with such energy. He sings some of my favorites. Also the outfit is damn cool. The white shoes, loose fitting pants, the over-sized jacket, and the cool tie. That outfit was one of the coolest ever.

Elvis starts out the show with Don't Be Cruel. The performance is great, but might be a notch below the version from the next Sullivan show. He then sings the title track from his debut movie, Love Me Tender. He does a pretty good job on it. Elvis would be back later in the show to sing another new song from his latest album called Love Me. This of course is probably one of my all time favorite songs. He does a wonderful job with it and plays with the crowd from time to time during the song. Elvis would sing Hound Dog for his last number. This for me is Elvis rockin at his best. When I think of Elvis and REAL Rock and Roll one of the things I think of is this song. When I hear Elvis songs different images of Elvis often float around in my head. Though It never fails, If I hear Hound Dog I always think of this performance.

This show was just one more stepping stone to the top. Elvis was already the biggest thing in the business. Now he had just done a movie and was on his way. One sad note though would be that there was no need for TV anymore. The movies would do for Elvis what TV had done but to a larger extent. Only one more TV appearance would be left. Now enjoy the video below of Love Me and Hound Dog. My favorite six minutes of Elvis footage ever.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tony on live from Graceland

Tony Stewart was at Graceland in Memphis yesterday to do his radio show and be special host for Elvis radio channel 13 on Sirius. I was able to catch the first few minutes of the show and the last ten or fifteen minutes of the show. It seemed pretty cool. I wish I could have listened tho the whole thing. Stewart got to tour the house of course, but it was not his first trip to the house. It was his third time from what I understand. I came away thinking Tony was very good at show as well and would not mind hearing it if I had Sirius. Tony is pretty cool and did a great job. I understand he digs Elvis and they makes him even cooler. He still is not as cool as Junior though, no one is.

Monday, May 12, 2008


This week the 68 NBC special won for favorite TV special. All the votes went for it except mine which went for all of the above. I could not bring myself to pick one because they are all cool. Though If I had to lean towards one, it would be Welcome Home Elvis. Elvis in the early 60's, he was never cooler post Army.


Mike's top 5

I have been slow the last week due to a lot of time at work. I am going to be back strong this week despite a lot more work and cooking shows. Here are my top 5 Elvis songs of the moment.

1.Love Me
2.All Shook Up
3.Lawdy Miss Clawdy(from Elvis On Tour)
4.Good Luck Charm
5.Anyway You Want Me

Vince's Flippy 5

1. Too Much
2. Heartbreak Hotel
3. Love Me
4. Baby Let's Play House
5. Mess Of Blues

Vince's Random Song Of The Week

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Graceland Puzzle

A co-worker of mine bought me a 1000 piece puzzle this past week of Graceland painted by Thomas Kincaid. My plan is to put it together, frame it and hang it up. Hopefully it will occupy my mind after this god awful week ive had.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Linda Thompson is our doll of the week. George Klein introduced Linda to Elvis in 1972. They would date seriously for many years. I have always been a fan of hers and I personally think she was good for Elvis.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Eddy Arnold passes away

Music legend Eddy Arnold passed away today. He was to turn 90 on the 15th of this month. He is one of the most successful Country music artist of all time. He was managed by Tom Parker early on and had great success. They ended there relationship after a dispute that is unknown to this day. The two would remain friends though. Elvis recorded many hits of Arnold's including How Is The World Treating You.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


13 hours of work has just about done me in. I do not have the mental stamina to put out any good thoughts. I am going to grab some beer and watch Top Chef until I pass out. I will be back strong tomorrow.
Enjoy this key song.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This is the 68 Comeback doll from the 1993 Hasbro collection of Elvis dolls. I have the other two the offered, Teen Idol and Jailhouse Rock. So I really want to get this to have all three. These are my favorite of all the Elvis dolls/toys I have seen. Actually when I got the dolls I do have I was very young and did not know better, and took them out the box. So I would really like to have all three. Though the run anywhere from $40-$80 each from the looking I have done. Hopefully I can get around to getting these. They are very cool.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Vince's Flippy 5

1. Don't Be Cruel
2. Tryin' To Get To You
3. After Loving You
4. Just Pretend
5. Only The Strong Survive


Mike's Top 5

My favorite Elvis songs of the moment.

1.Love Me
2.Shake,Rattle,&Roll(alt take)
4.(Such An) Easy Question
5.My Baby Left Me

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Still The King

I ranted in an earlier blog on how people who arent die hard Elvis fans didnt recognize what good he had actually done. As I said in the other blog, Elvis was famous for giving away Cadillacs, cash and jewelryusually on the spur of the moment. But his true generosity and community involvement is not so widely known. In 1961, Elvis gave a benefit concert at Bloch Arena in Hawaii that raised over $65,000 toward the building of the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. The resulting publicity gave life to the fund raising effort, which had lost its momentum. The memorial opened a year later. Audience tickets for his 1973 Aloha from Hawaii television special and its rehearsal show was free but each audience member was asked to pay whatever he or she could. The performances and concert merchandise sales were a benefit raising $75,000 for the Kui Lee Cancer Fund in Hawaii. Each year, for many years, Elvis gave $1,000 or more to each of fifty Memphis charities, but also made other charitable donations in Memphis and around the country. Most of Elvis’ contributions received no publicity at all. Throughout his life, for his friends, family, and even total strangers, he quietly paid hospital bills, bought homes, supported families, paid off debts, and much more. So for all the people that portray Elvis as being a monster, read this blog over really good and rethink your conclusion on what type of man he REALLY was and not what the media and bitter former employees or a crazy step mother and step brothers portrayed him to be.

Poll Results

Looks like it was a tie this week between West Side Story and Thunder Road for which movie you wished Elvis would have been a part of.

New blog

Vince and I have started a new blog about cooking shows. I have got him hooked on them and we are going to start blogging a few times a week about the shows we watch. Have A Clambake is still top priority but we are going to try to get the food blog going. It is called Mike and Vince's Kitchen Heat. We have a link in our blog links section. It is a work in process, so check it out from time to time.

Cool picture of Dale in his Elvis suite from last year

I ran across this picture a little while ago. I thought it was pretty cool. Dale Jr is the coolest.
Dale was so close to a win last night but got spun out with a few laps to go and finished 15th. He is still holding down the third spot in points though which is good. Needs a win or two though because he would start a ways back if the chase started today because of a lack on wins.

Lisa wins lawsuit

Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has been forced to apologize to Lisa Marie Presley – who is pregnant – over claims she was pursuing a poor diet like her late father, Elvis. Last month the newspaper published a photo of Presley, dressed down and without makeup, eating with friends in Los Angeles, and the accompanying article said she was "growing just like her dad." Presley's lawyers sued for libel, and on Friday the newspaper printed an apology: "On March 4 we published a photograph of Lisa Marie Presley while she was dining with friends. We suggested she might have an unhealthy appetite similar to her late father. We now accept that the suggestion is untrue and apologize to Ms. Presley for any distress caused." In fact, Presley, 40, felt forced to reveal her pregnancy secret two days after the article appeared. "I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant," she wrote on her MySpace Celebrity blog. "My client is deeply upset and offended by this article, especially as it was widely published just as she and her family were meant to be celebrating her happy news," her legal rep, Simon Smith, said at the time.

I am glad, the article was very disrespectful of her and her father. This freaking rag needs to be put out of business. UK papers are nothing but trash that prints total and utter nonsense.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Ann Helm is my doll this week. She played in the 1962 movie Fallow That Dream. I have always had a thing for her. She was very cute. Not a knock out like say Ann, or Raquel. She still is very attractive and one of the many reason why I watch Fallow over and over. She dated Elvis some during the filming and came to his home a few times from what sources say. I really cant say if that is true or not though. She played in a few other movies and apperad on several TV shows. She pretty much stopped acting when she had her second child in the seventies. Anna always had nice things to say about Elvis. It is interesting that while filming the movie The Magic Sword in 62 she dated co star Gary Lockwood(IT and Wild In The Country) and double dated with Tuesday Weld. I have seen Fallow about 4 times this past week, but I am thinking it might be worth seeing again just to see Anne.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

No blog tonight

I am too tired to put much thought into anything tonight. I have worked fourteen hours today and I am tired and highly agitated. I am off to enjoy five or six bottles of New Castle and a pack of Basics. I am going to watch Blue Hawaii. Nothing settles me more then that movie. I love this whole damn movie, the soundtrack is the coolest as well. The song below has always been a favorite and a underrated track from the album.