Thursday, February 21, 2008

Elvis At Sun

I love lots of 50's music including Elvis as expected, but Im a huge fan of the late 60's Elvis. I ran across this CD at Best Buy and decided to purchase it to get more familar with Elvis when he first began. I gotta say that this CD easily jumped to my top 4 Elvis CDs that I have behind Memories (68 Comeback Special) , Thats The Way It Is Disc 2, and Elvis Aloha from Hawaii. This CD lets you hear how raw Elvis was with songs such as "Blue Moon", "Good Rockin' Tonight", "Baby Let's Play House", "Mystery Train", "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" (my personal favorite), and his first hit single "That's All Right". I'm already on my third time listening to this cd. This is a must buy for any Elvis Collector.

1 comment:

Mike Edwards said...

shit, Milk-cow Blues Boogie rocks the most!