Sunday, February 10, 2008


Dale finally got back in victory lane tonight winning the Budweiser shootout. It was a non points race. It was still good for him to get a win. He has been stuck driving junk the last few years and has had only a few wins. He is with the best team in Nascar now and ready to get back to winning four or five races a year like he had before. Talent+the best equipment=wins and lot of them. See Johnson and Gordon. JR is going to break out this year. Whats this got to do with Elvis you might say. Well JR is a huge Elvis fan and his grandmother is a self described Elvis freak so we can pump him up here on the site because of that. Also he is my favorite driver and I run this, so we are going to cover him from time to time.

Now I have had a few too many and I need to chill. Time to put in Spinout and get some rest.

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