Saturday, February 9, 2008

I'll Take Love

This morning I have woke up to Easy Come, Easy Go. This was Elvis's twenty-third film. It came out at the first part of 1967. The movie is based on a Navel officer who find some sunken treasure on one of his last missions before he gets out of service. When he gets out he tries to salvage it with the help of some friends. A girl Elvis runs across in the movie happens to be related to the captain of the of the ship that went down. In the end Elvis's character finds out the treasure is not as great as he thought it would be and he is better of with the girl he find. This movie is pretty good. It is not his best, but certainly not his worst. I would put it in the middle of the pack someplace as far as Elvis movies go. The soundtrack is about what you would expect from the late 60's movies. Nothing special, but fun with a few standouts. The Love Machine and I'll Take Love are my two favorites from the movie. Easy ranked #50 on the list of top grossing films of the years in 67 at 1.95 million. A far cry to the success Elvis was having 60-63.

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