Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New FTD's for April

In April FTD is releasing some new material. They will have a classic album release of That's The Way It Is. It will be the 7" with the booklet. It is going to be two disc. They will also re-release The Way It Was as a standard 5" disc. That was a CD that came with the book that FTD came out a few years ago. I am very excited to get The Way It Was. I missed out on getting the book and you cant buy it anymore. This CD has some great music that is not on the three CD set that came out years back. I have been yelling about wanting to hear it for a long time. Most of the stuff that is on the classic albums release is the same stuff on the set that came out a few years ago from what I can tell. Although the sound should be a lot better from what I have heard. Either way I will pick both releases up as soon as I possibly can.

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