Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lets slice some sand

This afternoon I am watching on of my favorite movies Blue Hawaii. In March 1961 Elvis would begin filming the movie which was to be his eight release. Elvis would play the role of Chad Gates. Chad is a young man who is just out of the army and wanting to find his own way without his parents help. This movie is shot on location in Hawaii. The backdrop for this movie is beautiful. Elvis shows he had some talent with comedic timing in some of his scenes with his mom, played by Angela Lansbury. This movie has always been a popular one among Elvis movie fans. I have seen this movie more than any other movie and never get tired of seeing it. Elvis seems to really enjoy himself in this movie and the soundtrack was off the charts. Fourteen songs appeared in this film. My personal favorite are Moonlight Swim and Can't Help Falling In Love. Despite coming out late in 1961, Blue was #18 on the top grossing films list. It also came in at #14 for the year on 1962. The early 60's was a great time as Elvis was strong in the music and the movie side of things. Blue Hawaii is one of Elvis's better efforts on both sides and is highly recommend for any fan of movies. Blue is top 5 for me for sure.

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