Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mike's take on Elvis figures/dolls

I am going to give you an idea of my five favorite dolls or figures. Note that this list of mine is made up of the figures I have at the moment. At a later date I might shed some light into a few I don't have that I really want.

1.1993 Hasbro Elvis doll-Teen Idol(pictured above)
2.McFarlane Elvis 2-Rockabilly
3.X Toys Elvis doll-Blue Hawaii( not for sure I think these came out around 97-98)
4.1993 Hasbro Elvis doll-Jailhouse Rock
5.McFarlane Elvis 5-Jailhouse Rock

Overall I have about 10-12 Elvis toys of some kind. I think the Hasbro and the X toys are actually the best. The McFarlane are pretty damn cool, but I have an issue with the likeness of Elvis. With most of McFarlanes figures they look pretty life like. Elvis's however look nothing like him. All of them look different in the face for the most part. I mean it is not even close. Other then that they are key. If you take the face issue out of the McFarlane toys, they are top of the line.

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