Sunday, February 24, 2008

I want this jacket...

The jacket pictured here is a jacket you can buy from the store Love Me Tender in Memphis. This jacket is supposed to look like one that Elvis wore a lot in 1957. I don't know when Elvis got the jacket but in the pictures of him at Graceland when he was buying it, he has it on. You also see it on him in a lot of pictures while out in Hollywood during the filming of Jailhouse Rock. Elvis must have liked this jacket because he would sport it for the next few years. Anyway, you can buy this jacket for around $600. It would be key, but I don't know If I would spend that much for it. Love Me Tender is a store in the old Lansky building that has a lot of old rockabilly type clothing. They have a line that are items inspired by famous Elvis clothing from the 1950's.

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