Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am going to talk about the FTD Southern Nights. This live concert CD is from April and May of 1975. The shows were in Georgia and Louisiana. This is a pretty damn good CD. We all know that towards the mid 70's some Elvis shows really didn't live up the the standard he had set. Hell, some of his shows were just terrible compared to anyone's standards. This CD lets us know that Elvis could still bring it when he wanted to. I'll Remember You is done well and is one of my favorite songs Elvis does live. Little Darlin' is a treat to hear. I would have loved to hear Elvis record this song in the early 60's. Elvis sings Trouble here before eventually doing T-R-O-U-B-L-E. Hearing Trouble is pretty cool because I have never heard this performed in concert before. I cant fail to mention the version of It's Midnight. Elvis did this song a lot from what I understand around this time. Every time I hear this song it kills me. That song rocks and Elvis does it great. Overall I would rank this CD pretty high when it comes to the live stuff. To all the people who say Elvis was way past being good in 75, go get this CD. If you still think that Elvis did not have it, then go fuck off.

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