Saturday, February 16, 2008


I just finished watching Paradise, Hawaiian Style. I will give some takes on it this afternoon. Paradise was filmed in late 65 and was released in July of 66. This was Elvis's twenty-first film. Elvis plays the part of Greg (Rick) Richards who has just been fired from being an airline pilot. He goes back home to Hawaii and hooks up with his old friend Danny Kohana. The two guys set out to start a business together where they fly people to various parts of the islands in helicopters. Along the way Rick finds himself in all kinds of trouble with all his girls, customers, people of authority, and even his partner. The storyline is not that greatest but I find the movie entertaining. The soundtrack is not that great and I cant pick out one song that stands out as something top notch. Some of the songs are fun and I dig them, but Elvis Presley should not have been singing that crap. Overall the movies is pretty good. Not his best as far as acting or script. It is not terrible though and is worth watching for even the casual fan. The movie ranked number forty on the list of top grossing movies for 1966 bringing in around 2.5 million.

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