Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Elvis Immortalized

After looking at different variations of Elvis figures from the past and present, I think it's safe to say that McFarline has won out hands down. The detail put into each figure is impeccable and they actually look like they will come to life. Ive narrowed it down 5 figurines in which I think are pretty damn cool.

1. 68 Comeback McFarline Figure

2. 50's Elvis McFarline Figure

3. Elvis in Gold Suit McFarline Figure

4. Elvis in Vegas McFarline Figure

5. Jailhouse Rock McFarline Figure

I just found out coming in August of 2008 McFarline is releasing a Aloha from Hawaii figure featuring Elvis in the famous American Eagle Jumpsuit. I know that figure is gonna kick ass. Maybe they should release one in the Tigerman Jumpsuit, ol Tiger doesnt get the respect it deserves. Speaking of Tigerman, tomorrow im gonna blog about the history of the song and how Elvis made it freaking awesome STAY TUNED!

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