Saturday, February 23, 2008

Give me a story with a Happy Ending

As usual this morning I woke up with an Elvis movie on. I am going to talk about my favorite movie ever, It Happened At The Worlds Fair. It was shot in the later part of 1962 and was released in April of 1963. Elvis plays the part of Mike Edwards, a pilot barnstorming the north west with his partner Danny. They end up getting there plane took away because of gambling debts ran up by Danny. They go to the Seattle Worlds Fair hoping to find an old friend who can give them work. Mike and Danny meet a little girl Sue-Lin while catching a ride to the Fair. Mike ends up spending the day with Sue-Lin at the fair. Mike ends up falling for a nurse who works the fair. The movie is pretty much about Mike trying to woo the nurse while working and taking care of the little girl. This movie is short in part on location of the actual Worlds Fair. This movie took a lot to be made. They needed an extra one hundred police officers to help protect Elvis during shooting at the fair. Elvis also had all the mafia on location to make him feel better. Elvis's wardrobe cost over $9,000 for this movie. A lot of money for an actors clothing for a movie at the time. It was worth it Elvis never looked cooler in any of his 60's movies. Ten songs were featured in the movie and some real hidden gems lay in this work. A very underrated soundtrack with some great vocals by Elvis. There are many reason this is my favorite movie. The location is really cool and seeing the Worlds Fair is really neat. I have always had a fascinating with the Worlds Fair. The script is not that bad either, Elvis seems to have a pretty good time during the movie. The music is outstanding. Unfortunately is gets overlooked like most of the early 60's work. Also like any other Elvis movie it has a lot of beautiful ladies. It Happened At The Worlds Fair is my favorite movie without a doubt and ranks in the top ten or so of Elvis's best screen work.

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