Friday, February 8, 2008

True Romance

I like you, Clarence. Always have. Always will. -Elvis talking to Clarence
True Romance is a movie from the genius of Quentin Tarantino. It is a great movie that even ranks up there with Pulp Fiction. Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette star in this movie. A loser is set up with a hooker for his birthday. They get married after the first date and the guy has to kill his girls pimp. He steals a large amount of cocaine by mistake and throughout the movie the men who the drugs belong to chase the couple down. Meanwhile the couple go to LA to try to off it for a few hundred grand. That pretty much sums up what the movie is all about. I am not going to give the ending away in case some of you have not seen it. It is for sure worth seeing. The main character in the movie Clarence is a huge Elvis fan. He is always looking to Elvis for answers to his problems. He starts out his conversations with a lot of the people he comes across by talking about E. If you notice in the movie all kinds of small stuff is Elvis related. His glasses, shoes,car, Alabama's ring, ect. Val Kilmer played the part of Elvis. You really don't ever get a good shot of him. You just see him walking about and talking, which is the way it should be. We don't need to see anymore terrible looking people trying to pull Elvis off. Good story, good actors, and Elvis. A movie can't get much better. I give it high praise and it is for sure one of the best movies of the last 25 years. Also it is interesting to not that Tarantino is a huge Elvis fan and often references him or pays tribute to him in some small way in his work.

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