Monday, April 14, 2008

1955 Fleetwood Pink Caddy

The first things that come to my mind when I think of Elvis is, Sideburns and Cadillacs. Elvis gave away many different kinds of cars to friends and total strangers, the 1955 pink and white Cadillac Fleetwood (originally blue in color) is said to have been his favourite and the one car he never sold or gave away. Elvis bought it for his mother (although she never drove) in July 1955. According to to the man that painted the car, who lived next door to Elvis in Lamar St in 1955, he made the pink paint for Elvis and is the only one who knows the formula, he named it "Elvis Rose." in Sept. of 1955, $1,000 damage was caused to the car in an accident just south of Texarkana. The top of the car was painted white around March 1956. This car is siply one of the coolest cars Ive seen and id like to get my hand on a die cast model of this car.

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Mike Edwards said...

Many who are not real big Elvis fans are not aware this was not his first pink caddy. He had a few others before. This one was kept because it was his mothers. He was planning on giving it to Lisa.