Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elvis rocks out on the USS Hancock

I am going to talk more about the television appearances made by Elvis in the 50's. These appearances would help Elvis rocket to super stardom. After a serious of appearances on Stage Show, Elvis would appear twice on The Milton Berle Show. Elvis' first appearance would come on April 3rd of 56. The broad cast would come from the deck of the USS Hancock which was docked in San Diego at the time. Mostly service man were in attendance with some of there family. A group of young girls were brought in and put in front of the stage. Elvis would sing Shake, Rattle Roll, Blue Suede Shoes, and Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis would also perform a skit with Berle where Milton played Elvis' twin brother. Which was probably a little bit odd for Elvis, but he was a good sport about it anyway. This is a pretty good performance but lacks a little of the excitement as some of the stage show appearances in my opinion Elvis. Elvis was getting more attention at this point, and his record was doing pretty good. Though the next appearance on Berle's show would be the one that caused such a uproar and make the world notice him. I will do a separate blog about that on a later date. Check out the video below of Elvis signing one of his songs from the April visit to Berle's show.

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