Sunday, April 13, 2008


One place I have always wanted to visit is Hawaii. I have been very intrigued with it ever since I first saw Blue Hawaii many years ago. I have always said If I ever did get married, it would for sure be in Hawaii. The Coco Palms resort is a place that I really want to see. Coco Palms is a resort that opened in the early 50's on the island of Kauai. It is famous for it's lagoons and coconut groves. It was a very beautiful place at one time. It was made very famous by the movie Blue Hawaii. Chad Gates takes his clients there to stay. Remember the line " what is this? game night at coco palms?". Of course all Elvis fans know about Coco Palms and it's significance. The last scene in the movie where Chad and Malie get married, that was filmed in the lagoon at the resort. Sadly in 1992 the whole island was hit by a hurricane and it pretty much tore the resort up. Coco Palms is the last hotel to still be damaged and unfixed. Plans to rebuild and reopen it has been in place for a long time now. Different things have got in the way before. From what I understand they have had some pretty extensive plans. Hotels, condos shops, and restaurants. Though I do not think it had been givin a go yet, and it is not looking good for the original location from the way I read it. This important and beautiful location deserves new life. To find out more visit the website When and if this ever happens, I will for sure start planning a trip. It might be several years, but I will get there one day. Hawaii and Coco Plams ranks right up there with Seattle and the Worlds Fair site as the places I most want to see. Late on in another blog I might go into further detail more things I find fascinating and want to see in Hawaii.

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