Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Elvis Remixed

With the release of ELVIS 30 #1 Hits a remixed version of "A Little Less Conversation" was added to the cd. Composed by JXL, the remix is really cool but Elvis' voice is almost flooded out with the music. After that, 2nd To None was released with a remixed version of "Rubberneckin" was added at the end of the cd. Composed by Paul Oakenfield, this actually the first version I ever heard of "Rubberneckin" and thought it was freakin awesome. Recently there has been a another remix release of Spankox "Baby Let's Play House", Ive heard it a couple times and thought it was pretty cool but I wanna hear it more to get a full judgement of the song. In conclusion, not anyone can mix Elvis songs without ruining them, you'll see alot of versions on the net but these 3 are definately the ones that haven't butchered his songs. Ive attached the videos of each song ENJOY!!!!


Mike Edwards said...

That's hard, but Baby Let's Play House is key. I have a hard time picking a favorite video as well. It probably edges out ALLC by a small margin as best vid as well.

Thomas said...

I've always prefered ALLC, maybe because it was the first one. Man, it was great seeing the success it had, it was number one EVERYWHERE!
The video isn't very good, though, in the other two, at least you get to see Elvis in action.